How to Design a Break Room for Today’s Employee & Why You Need to

In today’s post-pandemic world, having a flexible work model is hardly a differentiator for businesses anymore — it’s become pretty commonplace. In fact, 71% of employees want a hybrid or remote working style after the pandemic (Owl Labs). So for companies recruiting for in-office positions, what will you do to make employees actually want to ... Read more

How Your School’s Furniture Can Boost College Recruitment

It’s that time of year again — school administrators are in full swing strategizing about various ways to boost campus appeal for incoming students. There’s always plenty to be done with Fall semester just around the corner, but don’t max out your spending budget just yet. There’s one necessity that’s often underrated in terms of ... Read more

The Top 4 Bad Office Habits to Break & How.

We all have that one colleague who is always late to the morning meeting or that team member who always makes a negative comment. But let’s be honest. We’re all guilty of our own bad habits. They’re inevitable when you spend so much of your time working in the same way or place.  But that’s ... Read more

New Year, New Gear: 5 Furniture Upgrades your Office Needs in 2022

The work-life we once knew is gone forever. We’ve entered a new era of the office that’s up to each business leader to define for their own teams. Employees have completely different preferences, more diverse needs, and much higher expectations. With all the changes companies have faced recently, a New Year is the perfect opportunity ... Read more

Creating Workplace Culture Part Two: How to Design for the Culture You Want

Every company has a culture. Whether it’s done intentionally or happens organically, the people and spaces that make it what it is. But the most successful company cultures don’t happen by accident. They’re purposefully designed and nurtured.  The design, appearance, and functionality of your office space directly impact your culture. So aligning your goals and ... Read more

Creating Workplace Culture Part One: 6 Myths You Need to Know

With everyone heading back to the office, workplace culture is a hot topic these days. Google has pages of articles on it. But if you’re looking for ways to build or improve your own, you need more than just buzzwords like collaboration, productivity, and inclusion. The real challenge for business leaders is the how. As ... Read more

Return to the Office: 4 Questions that will Determine Your Design

“We’re moving back to the office, but we’re not really sure what that should look like.” Sound familiar? Over the last few months, we’ve been hearing this a lot. As business owners are preparing to get their teams back to the workplace, many of us aren’t really sure what that means.   Whether you’re returning ... Read more