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Freestanding or mounted solutions to easily add separation to any benching or open office layout.  Create complete screen surrounds for any workplace environment. Available in fabric as well as clear or frosted acrylic.

Frameless Screens

A sleek and elegant design for adding freestanding or mounted screens to your benching workspace. Available in clear or frosted acrylic.

Up-Mount Screens for Workstations

Add screens for privacy to any existing workstation panel or frame. 

Freestanding Desktop Screens

Add freestanding screens to any existing desktop. 

Stacking Frames

Easily retrofit existing workstations and raise the height without disrupting your existing workspace.

Take low height... ... and raise it easily!

Enclave by Mergeworks

Other Screen Options by Mergeworks

Framewall by Loftwall

KP+ Movable Screens by Magnuson

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