For 20 years, Ethosource has prided itself in being an industry leader when it comes to keeping office furniture out of landfills.  Our environmentally friendly office decommission services pairs perfectly with our 100,000+ square foot refurbishing facility. 

Some of our sustainable solution benefits include:

  • Office decommission and liquidation services that focus on finding reusable destinations for your furniture
  • A 100,000+ square foot facility designed for refurbishing all brands of office furniture
  • Access to our high end refurbished cubicle line that gives you a modern aesthetic, state of the art technology, and unmatched flexibility… all from an environmentally friendly solution
  • LEED friendly solutions from a manufacturer experienced in assisting customers achieve various LEED certifications
  • Our extensive manufacturer library, full of manufacturers, product lines, and material selections that are environmentally friendly
  • Our network of industry partners in the refurbished furniture industry that help us find reusable opportunities for your furniture

We also offer a variety of other Furniture Management Services, including: