How Your School’s Furniture Can Boost College Recruitment

It’s that time of year again — school administrators are in full swing strategizing about various ways to boost campus appeal for incoming students. There’s always plenty to be done with Fall semester just around the corner, but don’t max out your spending budget just yet. There’s one necessity that’s often underrated in terms of student recruitment and retention. And with waves of more environmentally-conscious students coming through the ranks, it’s also an opportunity to look even better as you check off those important initiatives. What is it? Your furniture. With the right partner, you can design your spaces with an environmentally friendly solution that looks good, feels good, and won’t break the bank.

4 Ways Great Furniture Can Help With College Recruitment

  • Creating a Community Feel

    Well-curated outdoor spaces and common areas encourage interaction among students and promote a spirit of collaboration among faculty too. Beyond being a crucial element of the college experience, these things can facilitate creativity and heightened performance in higher ed. For young freshmen adapting to a new environment, social/common spaces like these are vital to making new friends and feeling more comfortable in their new home. At the end of the day, the goal of a campus furniture supplier is to craft exciting environments that bring people together in the pursuit of knowledge. 

  • Elevating Your Marketing Messaging

    The world of real estate provides a strong parallel example for us here. What impact will a home with old and ugly pictures have on your willingness to visit? Would you ever even consider going to look at a home without pictures online? Similarly, first impressions tend to occur long before a student ever steps foot on campus. From brochures to website graphics, a campus that doesn’t reflect the needs and priorities of students today is going to struggle to recruit.


    Professionally designed, contemporary furniture can be an exciting accent to the other visuals a college or university has to offer. How can you offer your prospective students something a little different? Maybe it’s unique study spaces that outshine the typical library cubicle. Or it’s trading in traditional wood dorm furniture for something a little sleeker creating more space and flexibility. Combining a furniture upgrade with professional photography to create captivating digital and print assets can be an extremely effective way to get feet in the door for a college visit.

  • Providing More Inspiration to Achieve

    It’s no secret that a comfortable work environment can have an impact on output. Who doesn’t have an example or two of an uninspiring classroom we had back in the day? Harsh fluorescent lights, plastic chairs, drab walls, and outdated desks were likely some of the culprits. When you dread going to a certain place, how can it possibly inspire you to be at your best?


    But it isn’t just the classrooms. Have you ever been on a campus that had enticing outdoor spaces for students to meet up and hang out? A welcoming dining hall aesthetic where friends and teams could refuel between classes or after a tough practice? And what about your technology — have you created spaces that meet the needs of students in the advancing digital climate? These things matter significantly to students and parents as they consider how your college or university will set their child up for success and support them along the way. 

  • Instilling a Greater Sense of Pride

    Likewise, fostering a sense of pride in the student body may just be the single most important factor in student retention. Students who wear the campus sweatshirts, cheer for their team colors, and talk up the school are some of the greatest assets for any institution. And a lot of that pride comes from their surroundings. Have you created an environment and culture they’re glad to be a part of? How will you create spaces that students are excited to show off to friends and family? 


    By investing in a visually pleasing, highly functional, and socially conscious (more on this below) furniture solution, today’s students have several good reasons to fall in love with your school before they ever step foot into a classroom. 

How Can Ethosource Help?

In addition to providing brand new furniture, Ethosource is a leader in harnessing the benefits of sustainable furniture to empower college campuses with affordable, green solutions. Many institutions choose to mix and match our new and reusable products to minimize costs and maximize their investment. 

What we mean by sustainable furniture is professionally refurbished chairs, workstations, storage, and more, all restored in our 100,000 sq. ft. refurbishing facility. This is not simply “used” furniture, but highly-customized pieces to which we give the proper attention and care in order to make high-end products more affordable while keeping the world’s landfills clear. In most cases, the only indication you’ll have that they aren’t new will be the price tag. 

When it comes to layout and style, our design team members are experts at coordinating aesthetics and prioritizing spaces around your budget. Want a cohesive look throughout your halls and classrooms? Not a problem. Looking to boost campus pride with materials and pieces that match your school colors? Smart! Feel comfortable with your dining hall tables but looking to upgrade your chairs and stools to match? We can custom-build a solution that fits your needs. 

If your campus is in need of a makeover, Ethosource is the modern, environmentally-friendly partner that can help you make a meaningful investment in your school, while saving you a lot of money when compared to buying all new. Our team is standing by to transform your institution of higher education into a network of spaces that represent the beacon of learning it is.

Final Thoughts on College Furniture and Recruitment

The fixtures and effects that punctuate a college campus can make all the difference in where students see themselves over the next four or more years. From building a collaborative atmosphere and supercharging your promotional materials to creating a sense of pride and inspiration to achieve great things, tailored college furniture solutions should be a top consideration in any modern college recruitment strategy. 

Contemporary furniture and curated spaces on campus help to build interest and retain students. Interested in upgrading your indoor or outdoor spaces? Feel free to contact us or visit one of our showrooms. We’d love to work with you and your institution!