The Benefits of Creating a Home Office Corporate Standard for Remote Employees

The recent surge of remote work has proven to be more beneficial than we ever imagined in a lot of ways. For many, it makes juggling work-life balance a little easier, removing the hassles of a commute and offering flexibility for child care and personal needs. But this new frontier has brought challenges for employers, causing them to recreate their work policies and embrace new avenues of connectivity and collaboration.

Let’s face it, not everyone’s “home office” is created equal. From bonus rooms to kitchen tables from laptops to desktops, the most uncertain thing about embracing a work from home model is not knowing what your employees are actually working with. Designing a corporate standard home office bridges those gaps, transferring the care, culture, and competence of traditional work environments to this new realm. Investing in your employees’ home office setup shows people that you’re invested in their ability to do their best work and feel a sense of connection in an otherwise isolating work structure.

The benefits are major, the effort is worth it. And we’re here to help. Ethosource can help you create a custom package including all the things your employees’ home offices need to be happier, healthier, and connected. Here are some things to think about first. 

  • Health

    Work-from-home employees that don’t have a designated workspace, they’re likely to go straight for their rigid dining room chair or on that too-comfortable living room couch. Options like these can work for a while, but the long-term effects of using subpar seating can lead to medical issues like heart issues, weight gain, and back pain — plus a serious implication to focus and productivity.

    That’s where ergonomic chairs and adjustable-height desks come in. Employees can work more effectively and comfortably for longer periods of time by switching up their work style throughout the day. By relieving pressure points and encouraging blood flow, equipment designed to support their physical well-being changes their whole work experience. Foot supports and adequate lighting also help to make remote work more productive and safer no matter where your employees are.

  • Technology

    With smart phones and laptops, it’s easy to stay connected at all times. But having a more cohesive means of communication and connectivity. Without the right systems, conference calls and response times can be a nightmare.

    Set up your teams on a standard communication platform and make sure they all understand the best practices and tips for using it most effectively. Provide power modules, USB outlets, and portable cell phone charges that allow them to hook up and stay powered no matter where their desk is located. 

    Offer the option for adjustable monitor arms and keyboard trays that not only help with posture and wellness, but also help free up work surface space. Lighting is also key to setting the right mood for a productive work day and reducing eye strain. Making sure your workers have the tech they need to connect with colleagues and clients makes it easier to to be innovative and forward thinking in their own roles.

  • Organization

    A cluttered desk is a recipe for disaster! Kids or pets that have easy access to important documents can not only be a real pain, but it can also be a liability. Mobile storage units, cabinets, or open shelves limit these risks and make sorting and prioritizing their work much simpler. Desk organizers, file bins, white boards, and other accessories can all be great additions that help workers have access to the resources they need when they need them — and only then.

    A wire management system for computer and monitor cables and hooks for hardware or cords can create more surface space and eliminate the clutter that’s not only distracting, but less than slightly on client conference calls. Providing these basic assets are a simple and easy way to improve everyone’s overall work experience.

  • Culture

    Common ground creates stronger connections. When everyone’s fending for themselves with whatever they have on hand, it can make them feel isolated and disjointed. Culture stems from shared experiences, and shared resources can help nourish that root.

    Creating a corporate home office standard that reinforces your brand and promotes cohesion is a great way to establish the sense of connection and unity that you get within the office. Ethosource can help you put together a package that gives your employees a couple of general choices to bring their spaces up to a higher standard, while personalizing their specific accessories to fit their unique work style. 

    When everyone’s empowered by having the right equipment, they know they’re able to do their best work both individually and as part of a team. Providing a cohesive office design ignites camaraderie and culture where it could easily be lost along with the traditional office environment.

  • Care

    It’s important to consider what providing home office equipment says to your employees about you. The rise of more innovative common spaces and lounge areas was improving productivity for employees in office spaces, creating a fun and inspirational place that helped teams socialize and be happier. You probably assume that’s not possible to provide for remote workers. Well, on some level, it is. 

    By providing workers with home office equipment, you’re putting forth the effort to show you care about their comfort. Buying in bulk allows you to provide your employees with higher quality furniture and create a sense of culture than throwing them a stipend to use at their local office store. This resonates with people and makes them more productive – because why would they invest extra time for you if you never go the extra mile for them? By giving people what they need to do their best work, you’ll benefit by getting their best work – it’s simple! Make sense?


Providing home office equipment for your employees can create the culture, comfort, and caring atmosphere of the traditional office. Don’t lose these essential components of the work community and risk your team’s productivity and morale as a result.

Reach out to us at Ethosource to learn about our high-quality home office kits that allow you to provide the cohesive home office environment your employees need with various options to personalize a space that works for them.