Part Two: Being Thoughtful When Going Hybrid

Once upon a time, the office was viewed as a place to get work done. If you weren’t there, it was impossible to be productive. As a result, employers had serious trust issues when employees requested to “work from home” for the day.  Well, times have certainly changed. We learned that you actually can work ... Read more

Part One: The Hybrid Office of the Future

When it comes to what the office of the future will look like, there’s a lot to talk about.  The modern workplace is continuously evolving, but the very abrupt need for evolution that all business owners faced more recently caused some challenges.  Despite the hurdles, our remote work “experiment” has taught us a lot about ... Read more

Think Outside the Walls: Designing Outdoor Workspaces

Working outside offers undeniable health and productivity benefits that increase employee happiness, engagement, and retention.  The most effective outdoor workspaces utilize furniture and materials/fabrics that create an extension of your indoor workspace through cohesion and functionality.  Designing an impactful outdoor workspace should consider everything from the weather and technology to employee work styles. The modern ... Read more

The Educational Environment: Designing the Future of Higher Education

Comfortable, cohesive, and innovative educational spaces are the key to productive learning and growth. Ethosource provides affordable and sustainable solutions for every space with full customization capabilities that broaden opportunities and maximize investments for facility managers and owners. Blend new and recycled furniture to create a more cost-effective design while minimizing the environmental impact of ... Read more

The Healthcare Environment: Beyond the Furniture Wellness in Your Own Office

Cohesion is key for efficiency in a healthcare environment. But not all furniture companies can offer you everything you need for a complete solution, adding time and money to the process. Ethosource focuses on providing affordable options for every type of healthcare facility or department, lessening the financial strain on business leaders, and increasing your ... Read more

Office Reconfigurations: Creating a Brand New Space the Smart Way

Don’t let your workspace go stale or stagnant. Increase your company’s sustainability, employee retention, and productivity by reconfiguring your workspace. Decommission and reconfiguration can mean intense and difficult logistical planning. Ethosource’s 3D design modeling and logistical project management can support you in creating a design that matches your continuity goals. Move towards a more sustainable ... Read more
Used Herman Miller High Wall Ethospace

Tax Benefits: Saving Big with Architectural Glass

If your office layout is completely dictated by drab drywall, then you clearly haven’t heard of the benefits of architectural glass. Also referred to as architectural walls, demountable walls or moveable walls, these stylish, floor-to-ceiling alternatives make it easy to achieve an inspiring and versatile environment by striking the perfect balance between design and function.  ... Read more

Earth Day at Ethosource

Earth Day isn’t just an annual event but a concept we take to heart and the driving force behind their unique green business. Here at Ethosource, we are making a difference in helping keep our planet stay healthy by recycling used office furniture. You probably take the desk and chair you’re currently sitting at for ... Read more

Architectural Walls: Rearranging with Ease

Changing your office plan shouldn’t be time-consuming or costly, and the flexibility of architectural walls allow for more opportunity. Architectural walls offer a myriad of benefits: saving time and resources, lowering costs, tax reductions, sustainability, and more. Office needs change, and demountable walls effortlessly cultivate the environment that functions best for you at any given ... Read more

Making Changes to the Workspace Shouldn’t be Difficult

The office is constantly changing, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the workstation parts you need for a flawless transition Whether you’re a business owner, mover/installer, or Herman Miller dealer, you don’t have time to let a lack of Refurbished Ethospace parts and Ethospace compatible parts hold up your project Ethosource has ... Read more