Episode 1: Return to the Office
with Frank Gallagher

Ethosource Office Furniture proudly presents our Return to the Office web series where we interview top professionals in various industries and get their views of the market and how it has changed post COVID-19. On this episode, we had a chance to sit down with Frank Gallagher of the FGX Group located in Wayne, PA. ... Read more

Using Your Workspace to Build Your Brand & Why It Matters

Using Your Workspace to Build Your Brand & Why It Matters. Behind all the clever marketing of a successful brand are the values the employees believe in and the clients can trust. But what really separates a great brand from an average one is what goes on behind the scenes. Functionality shouldn’t be the only ... Read more

5 Tips to Create an Open Office that Works for Your Team

70% of all offices today use an open floor plan. Yet, a recent study by Harvard Business Review found that open offices actually reduce face-to-face interaction by 70% and increase the use of email by 50% - which totally defeats the purpose, right? What’s up with that? Here’s the problem: Everyone works differently and even ... Read more

7 Ways to Maximize the Health Benefits of Your Sit-to-Stand Desk

Standing seems pretty easy, right? But just like sitting, it can actually lead to painful health issues if you’re doing it too much - or doing it wrong.   The human body is designed to move, so while sitting is “killing you,” standing for long periods of time isn’t helping you either. Enter: the sit-to-stand desk ... Read more

The Truth About Sit-To-Stand Working

You’re going to want to take a seat before you read this. Actually, you’ll probably want to stand. Why? The truth about sedentary working is pretty startling. It All Started 60 Years Ago… Sit-to-stand working has gone from a popular trend to an uncontested standard in today’s office. But the motivation behind this “modern” movement … Read more

How Color is Affecting Your Workplace

Increasing Morale and Productivity in The Workplace Our world is an ever-changing place. Here at Ethosource we recognize and embrace this change by implementing new technologies, design concepts, and progressivity to our workplace and yours. We creatively use a blend of our quality product solutions and turnkey services, so that our experienced staff have the … Read more

Affects and Benefits of Staying Organized

Affects and Benefits of Staying Organized   The third and final part of our “Increasing Morale and Productivity in The Workplace” series will examine the affects and benefits of keeping your workplace and personal work area organized and efficient.   Generally speaking, there exists a stereotype in our culture that people who are organized and … Read more

How Light Is Affecting Your Workplace

How Light is Affecting Your Workplace   Part two of our three-part blog series on Increasing Morale and Productivity in The Workplace will explore the various psychological, behavioral, and physical effects light has on us in our workplace environments and daily lives. Let’s start at the beginning. Well, we won’t go all the way back to … Read more

Bringing in the Great Outdoors

Did you know that we spend 90% of our lives indoors? However, studies have shown that we are generally happier when we’re outside in nature. Most employees that work in a typical office environment spend roughly 8 hours a day indoors without going outside for fresh air. This lack of exposure to the great outdoors … Read more

The Effect of Environment on Creativity

Question: Who are the creative people you work with? More than likely you immediately thought of your colleagues across the hall developing the latest brochure or editing that video going up on the website next week. What if I told you everyone you work with, including yourself, is creative? It may not be overtly apparent, … Read more