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Abilities in Motion

Abilities in Motion: New Headquarters. Creating an Inclusive Workspace.


Abilities in Motion



Reading, PA




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Abilities in Motion (AIM), a premier non-profit organization, is on a mission to break down barriers and stereotypes that hinder the inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Guided by a mission that champions empowerment and equal rights, AIM strives to support the right of any person with a disability to live an independent, self-determined life. AIM is committed to fostering disability inclusivity through education, community engagement, and civic participation.


AIM’s journey to create a more inclusive world led them to acquire a new headquarters in Reading, PA. The freshly acquired building offers greater space for programs, community partnerships, and future growth. Notably, a 2400-square-foot technology area was envisioned for people with disabilities to explore computers, adaptive tech, virtual reality, and STEM opportunities. Bridging the gap between vision and reality required expert collaboration.


Ethosource turned the Abilities in Motion vision into a functional workspace. The collaboration aimed to create an environment where AIM’s core values found tangible expression. Through the installation of Ethospace workstations, Basecamp private offices, Basecamp conference facilities, a Logiflex reception desk, and JSI reception chairs, Ethosource ensured a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. These thoughtfully chosen products not only contributed to a contemporary design but also enabled accessibility and adaptability.


The collaboration between Abilities in Motion and Ethosource is a testament to the power of shared vision. By translating AIM’s ideals into a workspace, their team is empowered to continue their journey of inclusivity and empowerment. Through furniture that speaks to AIM’s core values, we crafted a space that not only accommodates but celebrates diverse abilities.

“The Ethosource team exceeded our expectations in delivering customer service that supported our needs in delivery, installation and design choices to allow for a fully accessible workspace.  We requested a slight modification to a desk to allow a more accessible experience for the user and the team responded willingly and quickly to make the changes. Thank you so much for helping us achieve our vision!”

Stephanie Quigley, Executive Director

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