Our financial institution now has a modern and professional look that impresses clients and inspires our team. The new furniture is not only stylish, but also comfortable and functional, making it easy for us to work efficiently.  The process of renovating our office and installing new furniture was smooth and efficient thanks to the team at Ethosource Office Furniture.  


First, we met with their designer team to discuss our vision for the space and our needs and preferences. They listened attentively and provided valuable guidance and ideas.  Next, we were presented with a detailed plan and rendered 3D visuals that allowed us to see what the finished space would look like. We were able to make any necessary revisions and finalize the design before moving forward.  The renovation and furniture installation were completed in a timely manner, with minimal disruption to our daily operations. The team was professional and respectful, and they took great care to ensure everything was set up to our satisfaction.


The workstations in our new office are spacious and ergonomically designed, with beautiful workstations and comfortable chairs. They also have plenty of storage and surface space for all of our necessary materials and equipment.  Our private offices are similarly well-equipped, with modern desks, comfortable seating, and ample storage. Overall, the private offices are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, creating a productive and enjoyable work environment.  


The fresh interior design of the office includes a sleek and modern look with a neutral color palette and pops of color, the use of natural and well-balanced lighting. It creates a professional and welcoming atmosphere that has completely transformed the office space.  


The team at Ethosource was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. They listened to our needs and preferences and offered valuable guidance and creative ideas. The end result exceeded our expectations and has truly elevated our work environment.  We highly recommend Ethosource for anyone looking to refresh their office space. The investment in new furniture and interior design has paid off in spades, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. 

Zizza Highway Services, Inc.

Arlene Zizza, President

After a few short months, we have settled in nicely in our new offices at 675 Concord Road, Glen Mills, PA. I don’t believe the easy transition would have been possible without the support, expertise, and accommodations from you and your staff, so for that I thank you!! 


From the moment in March when we met in the early morning hours at “675” to view the existing furniture from the prior owners, including a vision for the future layout of the space, to the subsequent meeting with Veronica, followed by disassembly and re­assembly of the second-floor cubicles in late April, and finally the recommendations, ordering and assembly of the new furniture in my beautiful office, I am grateful beyond words. Your team made the entire process seamless!!


Although the furniture for my office was slightly delayed, we completely understand that it was due to Covid and other shortages, as is the case with most orders these days.  Daniel Thompson, Project Manager, was in regular contact with me, throughout the delay.


Please let this letter serve as my recommendation to you and your staff for the highest level of excellence in providing our furniture and assembly needs. Ethosource should be proud of the staff that they employ.

Thank you so much for the donation of the chair for our Supportive Services for Veteran Families department.    Your team made it easy to get a chair that fit a space that was a bit tricky for us.  They were pros and measured it, looked at the space and found the PERFECT chair for the space.  Now our team member can sit comfortably instead of trying to figure out a way to make an ill-fitting chair fit our needs.  Blake and his son were kind, helpful and they know their stuff.  They were reliable and dependable and showed us how to work the chair.


To you it’s a chair, to us, it’s far more than that.  It’s keeping our team comfortable and helping us be as efficient as possible as we serve those who served our country. Thank you for all you do for us.  We sincerely appreciate it.

Ethosource is AWESOME! Just a little bit of background about the situation: I jumped into a project with my company for our corporate team to move offices. We had a relatively short timeline for this and I had no prior experience at all and had no idea where to start. We had nothing to work with in the office we were moving into – we were starting from scratch with zero items of furniture in the new building. Ethosource was recommended to us by one of our builders and we were able to schedule an on-site consultation very quickly. I met with Veronika and she was such a pleasure and very helpful from day 1. I couldn’t have done this without her. She helped me design our office space from the ground up while giving us the best prices for quality furniture. We moved into the space in the beginning of April and she is still checking in on us and is there to answer any questions and help us with the follow-up items we may need. The office is beautiful and the employees love it!  10/10 would recommend and work with them again.

Yuengling was looking to expand our office space and bring our teams together for better collaboration.  Ethosource was wonderful in utilizing our area and offering options to make sure that we efficiently and professionally created work space for our employees.  Our employees are thrilled with their new stations and it looks fantastic.  Thank you for an exceptional job!

Stuffed Puffs

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team so much for the amazing job you did in transforming our new call center space into a state-of-the-art suite.  We just moved in today, and the team is so excited and can’t believe how fantastic it looks.  The energy I saw today was truly amazing and they are so positive because of this new opportunity.

We recently utilized Ethosource for assistance in adding to our workspace.  Not only did they provide ideas to optimize the space but also the appropriate resources to make it happen.  We were thrilled that our outcomes were amazing.  The Ethosource staff was professional, efficient, and conscientious while they built out our space during our work hours.  Their pre-planning and communication efforts I attribute to this successful outcome.   We are very pleased to have worked with them and would use certainly use them again for future projects!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team so much for the amazing job you did in transforming our new call center space into a state-of-the-art suite.  We just moved in today, and the team is so excited and can’t believe how fantastic it looks.  The energy I saw today was truly amazing and they are so positive because of this new opportunity.


A few months ago, when we first walked through the potential space for our expansion, I was truly dejected that we were just going to be moving into an office that was going to receive the minimum cosmetic change to be another regular call center.  It was so dungeon like and quite dismal.  Basically, it had no life and I had very little hope that my team was going to even want to move into the space.  But, you had a vision of the potential of this space!  With your team’s creativity and desire to take this down to bare bones and rebuild it with such passion, has turned this dark, lifeless, shell into a vibrant, glowing, full of life, breath of fresh air.  The transformation is truly amazing and is beyond my wildest expectations.  Even more amazing was the professionalism your team displayed throughout this project and energy they dedicated to this.  Through your leadership and direct contact on this project, you have guided everything from beginning to end with such positive energy, insight, and fantastic communication.  You always kept my team informed of the progress of this project and delivered everything on time.  Most of all, you have been a true blessing to work with and made this one of the most enjoyable projects of my career.


I have been so proud to show this new space to our senior leadership team and what it means to the incredible growth our company is experiencing.  Our senior team has always expressed the desire for the call center to be the jewel of the company.  You just delivered a priceless gem!


Thanks for all your help on this and I look forward to our next project.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team so much for the amazing job you did in transforming our new call center space into a state-of-the-art suite.  We just moved in today, and the team is so excited and can’t believe how fantastic it looks.  The energy I saw today was truly amazing and they are so positive because of this new opportunity.


John and his team are top notch!  They are great communicators, very organized, have a terrific crew, and you just don’t need to worry when you have them onboard.   Throughout my project, we had delays and changes with the products being removed.  They just rolled with the punches. I was really amazed when I visited the job site because it was so clean!  They swept the floors and had all of the product neatly organized and staged to be move out.  I would highly recommend them. 

I don’t need to wish you good luck if you use Ethosource, because I know you are in good hands.


We’re so pleased with our new furniture! The installation was flawless and the project management was extremely efficient. We were very surprised that a field representative from Indiana Furniture spent a full day in our office during the installation. Overall, it’s been a great experience working with Ethosource on this project. We greatly appreciate Mike Riley’s patience with us as we struggled to make our final decisions, as well as his attention to detail and quick responses to all of our questions. We will definitely continue to do business with Ethosource!

Brubaker Connaughton Goss & Lucarelli LLC

Stacey Morgan, Partner

I just wanted to send you a quick ‘thank you’ to you and your teams for completing our liquidation project quickly and very efficiently.  I was very impressed at how clean the work site was after all the furniture was removed.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Brubaker Connaughton Goss & Lucarelli LLC

Emily C. Forrey, Office Administrator

The thought of furnishing this entire law firm was such a daunting task to think about, but when we first met with Bob at Ethosource, all our pressure was taken away.  It was very easy, manageable, stress-free and actually really fun too! They are the professionals and listened to what our needs were, our requirements, and our vision, and took it from there.  Customer from day one was there for us every step of the way and it’s been a great experience.

Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox

Robert K. Bergner, Chief Operations Officer

Over the past year our firm has been undergoing a 120,000 square foot renovation of our space at 1100 New York Ave in Washington DC. Our vision was to create a modern and vibrant work environment that would reflect the passion, sophistication and personality of our firm. Throughout this process Ethosource Office Furniture has been an invaluable partner in the provision of office furniture throughout the space. Through their creative blending of refurbished and new furnishings Ethosource was able to deliver our vision for the space while also providing tremendous cost savings off the cost of new furniture. We have been thrilled with our experience with Ethosource and would highly recommend them to any law firm interested in creating a beautiful new office environment at a great value.

I wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to you and everyone that worked with us on the design and install.  I could not be happier!  The furniture is beautiful and the new office layout is great!  The guys that came to do the installation were friends, professional, and worked FAST!  What was scheduled for a 2 day install was finished in one! Our employees love the furniture and I couldn’t be happier!  Thank you so much for making what could have been a very stressful and disastrous process, smooth and easy!

Freedom Truck Centers

We hired Ethosource via the internet to help us with the furnishings for our new 53,000 sq. ft. dealership. After we picked out the items we planned to purchase, I flew to their plant. They picked me up at the airport and drove me to their plant. I met with the design team and the owner. In just a short few hours we were able to finalize the purchase, even though I had no experience in buying furniture, cubicles, etc. They stayed on top of our project from my first email to post installation, making sure our experience and satisfaction was superior. It was! I highly recommend Ethosource.

I have always found the team at Ethosource to be very professional and responsive in my past dealings with the company.  We have utilized Ethosource on a variety of projects and I appreciate their creative solutions to fit our needs.  Overall, their time and attention to details makes our office design and furniture purchasing needs a much smoother process.

Berks Counseling Center

Linda Mathias

The patience and professionalism shown by everyone at EthoSource was just awesome. We had to change our schedule a couple times and the installation schedule was pushed back several times. Each time that I called and requested a change I was treated very professionally, and that meant a lot to us. If I ever know of anyone looking for any workstations, whether it be a replacement or something brand new I would definitely recommend EthoSource.” View a video case study of this project here.

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Greater Philadelphia, PA

Working with Ethosource was smooth since day one. Robert came to pre-construction as well as the kickoff meeting to make sure he was on the same page with all of the other trades. All information that was requested was received within 24 hours. Robert handled the sales side of the job for install and coordination which went great. The installers also deserve a pat on the back due to the fact they answered all of questions they were asked. I have found most installers reply “I don’t know, call ….”. They knew what needed to be done and did it in a very professional manner. Ethosource did everything they said they were going to do, on the date they said they were going to do it. You guys were great with communication. I will not hesitate to recommend Ethosource in the future.

Jorge Z.

Laurel, MD

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. The place looks great. Ethosource did a great job with our design. The product is excellent and the installers did a terrific job. They were professional and had to work in a crazy environment with electrician, data cabling, and moving personnel. We have a state of the art looking office now.

Working with Ethosource made my life incredibly easy. They gladly worked with me with design, redesign and more redesign. They were extremely professional and I have to say they have a smooth operation. I was very impressed with their warehouse and their process of getting an excellent product to the client. I should also note, from day one before the deal was sealed they were accessible early in the morning and late at night. Ethosource worked with me like we were colleagues forever.

Cherly L.

Haymarket, VA

Ethosource was excellent to work with. We had many changes throughout the course of the layout process and they were very accommodating. We didn’t have a very large order so other companies didn’t even seem to want to work with us but Ethosource was willing to work with us regardless of the size of our order. Delivery and installation went very well and the cubicles look beautiful! Couldn’t be happier with our experience!