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Freshpet, a leading provider of fresh, refrigerated pet food, is renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality nutrition while prioritizing operational excellence. Headquartered in Secaucus, NJ, Freshpet operates across the United States, with facilities in Bethlehem, PA, and Texas. With a focus on innovation and nourishment, Freshpet’s mission transcends pet nutrition to embrace a culture of efficiency and excellence.


As Freshpet planned for their new plant in Texas, ensuring consistency across their locations became a primary concern. Their team aimed to cultivate an office environment that mirrored the look and feel of their existing sites, emphasizing the importance of a cohesive atmosphere regardless of geographical differences. However, construction delays and the imperative of maintaining uniformity across plants added complexity to the project. Balancing the need for consistency presented Freshpet with significant hurdles to overcome in realizing their vision for the new facility.


Freshpet sought the expertise of Ethosource. With Ethosource’s national presence and extensive experience, they were the perfect collaborator for Freshpet’s project. Leveraging Ethosource’s offerings, which included refurbished Ethospace cubicles and pre-owned painted pedestals, Freshpet seamlessly integrated sustainable solutions into their workspace. By incorporating Ethospace cubicles and Basecamp private offices, Ethosource crafted a unified environment that fully aligned with Freshpet’s vision. Furthermore, the addition of Logiflex conference tables and Global café seating not only enhanced functionality but also elevated the overall aesthetic of the workspace, resulting in a truly cohesive and impactful environment.


Freshpet valued Ethosource as a single vendor capable of managing all their nationwide locations, enabling standardized workspaces with consistent design and quality. Ethosource’s national presence and expertise ensured tailored solutions for each site, fostering a cohesive environment. By entrusting Ethosource with their workspace needs, Freshpet streamlined processes and upheld a unified experience across all locations, exemplifying Ethosource’s commitment to supporting clients in achieving high-quality, standardized workspaces reflective of their brand identity.

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