Aeron Chair Alternatives

If you know a thing or two about office chairs, you’ve heard of the Herman Miller Aeron.  One of the industry’s most popular and well-known chairs has revolutionized task seating expectations and remained a top seller for over two decades.  The only problem with this amazingly comfortable, stylish and ergonomic office chair is the price.  Buying this … Read more

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomics have become a defining feature of the modern office world, as more reports and studies share the dangers of long work hours and sedentary life styles.  For this reason,  all of the top manufacturers in office furniture have essentially made ergonomic features a standard in their products.  If you don’t know, ergonomics are defined as people’s … Read more

Ergonomic Task Chairs

Ergonomics have become a standard in office furniture design as more and more people are working longer hours and becoming more health conscious.  This doesn’t mean, however, that all ergonomics are the same.  Every body type is different, meaning each employee requires different support to help them achieve the right comfort to be productive and healthy. … Read more

Ethospace Partitions

The modern workplace was originally defined by the incorporation of full connectivity and open spaces that promoted employee interaction and eliminated all personal space and isolation.  But as this definition develops, it has become more clear that in order for employees to truly be productive and happy, the goal of designing the perfect office environment is in finding … Read more

Haworth Improv Chair

Haworth calls it “one of the most ergonomic seating solutions we offer,” and this chair has proven itself among its competitors as well.  In terms of comfort and support, the Haworth Improv chair is at the top of the industry.  This chair has consistently been one of the most popular chairs at Ethosource as well, … Read more

Haworth Task Chairs

The Improv chair is a major staple of the Haworth brand and has been one of the most popular task chairs in the industry for quite some time.  It’s no wonder that with high durability, comfort and ergonomics, that many employees are choosing it for their office chair.  But what many do now know is … Read more

Why Refurbished Office Furniture May Be Perfect for You

Not everyone is easily convinced that buying a quality pre-owned product (in this case, office furniture) can be the best option for your business.  It’s not uncommon to have negative connotations about something was that was previously owned by someone else.  And in many instances, those people may be right.  But here at EthoSource, it’s our livelihood … Read more

Humanscale Freedom Chair

This chair has won 10 design awards to date and has played a significant role in the progression of the office chair industry.  The Humanscale Freedom chair is an innovative task chair that has a multiplicity of adjustment features so that the user’s comfort and wellbeing are priority.  EthoSource has numerous styles of this popular … Read more

Humanscale Office Chair

Humanscale office furniture is some of the most ergonomic products and solutions in the office furniture industry.  Their seating is focused on a high-level of functionality and mobility within a simple design.  This theory enables users to get chairs that feature beautiful aesthetics and stylish contours, while achieving optimal comfort with ease.  Their designs embody the … Read more