Why Used Office Furniture is Right for Small Business

executive-office-furniture-philadelphiaIf you’re just starting up your small business or are in the midst of some type of upgrade, downsize, or move, office furniture it an important thing to consider.  But investing in an office full of furniture for however many employees your small business may have can be a slightly scary thing.  Most likely, your goal is to create a cool looking space that employees will want to work in and customers will take notice of, but without spending a fortune to do so.  After all, as a small business, your budget is key to getting on your feet and establishing a successful company that can grow and flourish.  As new, pre-owned, and refurbished office furniture experts, we’ve had a lot of experience working with businesses of all sizes, each with different needs.  Here are a couple of reasons why used or refurbished office furniture can help your small business.

Low Cost

An obvious reason is the significant cost savings that pre-owned or refurbished office furniture can offer compared to new.  At the same time, people are quick to think this low cost is due to low quality, and that’s not exactly what you had in mind for your business.  But in reality, that isn’t the case with all pre-owned office furniture dealers.  Not all dealers can promise the same quality we do, but in reality, the low costs are actually a result of the recycling of raw materials that typically go into the creation of a new chair or cubicle system.  It also requires a lot less energy and labor which helps the cost as well.  At companies like EthoSource, we reuse these durable and often virtually indestructible “skeletons” and then replace the fabrics and finishes that connect to the frame to create like new products through our refurbishing program.  In terms of our used furniture that is also available without being refurbished, these products are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and fixed, if necessary, so everything in the inventory is high-end quality; the same you’d expect from a new manufacturer.  You’ll experience major cost savings, and in turn, can spend this money elsewhere in your budget.

Top Brands

Going along with the low cost benefit, purchasing used or refurbished furniture also enables your small business to get some of the top names in office furniture.  You can furnish your office with brand names like Steelcase, Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll and products like Ethospace, Criterions, Leaps, Aerons and more.  Create an impressive office space without spending a fortune.  Well-known products and brands like these will create a great first impression with customers and guests while helping your small business create a reputation of quality and style.  These brands also have the best ergonomics in the industry, so your employees will be comfortable and healthy during the workdays.  We all know a happy employee is a productive one!


Both refurbished and pre-owned office furniture is an eco-friendly solution for your office.  For the same reasons these options save you money, they also use of little to no raw materials and energy in the process alleviates your carbon footprint and helps the environment.  In addition, it could earn you valuable LEED points from the US Green Building Council that could help you achieve your LEED certification.  Maybe this isn’t a huge factor for you, but  it could be a big bonus to your customers.  Whether it’s just a good conversation starter or maybe something your clients value or respect in a business, it could make you stand out from competitors.  Businesses are more and more focused on sustainability in the workplace, and what better way to show your efforts than through some great looking office furniture.


Your office design also benefits from used office furniture.  Despite what people may believe, there is a ton of flexibility in the choices of your design and lay out of your office furniture.  A refurbishing program like the one EthoSource has, allows you to customize your fabrics and finishes to match company logos, specific moods, or really anything you want in your office.  You can get the look you want without selecting from a specific catalog.
Sometimes you may like the pre-owned products as they are, which in addition to saving you even more money, cuts lead times drastically, so you can get what you need as fast as you need it.  EthoSource has over 200,000 sq. ft. of office furniture, including all the parts and pieces of Ethospace cubicles, so we can build the right layouts for your office.  In addition to all these options, you can fill in any missing components of the project you may want with new product, but you don’t have to work through numerous companies to do so.  The possibilities are endless.  If your small business is in a unique space with physical characteristics that make it challenging for large pieces or open floor plans, pre-owned furniture, such as Ethospace, can often be broken down and rebuilt to fit your space and work with your specific employees’ work styles.  More times than not, your small business will require unique office solutions that used and refurbished can provide.



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