Why Refurbished Office Furniture May Be Perfect for You

Not everyone is easily convinced that buying a quality pre-owned product (in this case, office furniture) can be the best option for your business.  It’s not uncommon to have negative connotations about something was that was previously owned by someone else.  And in many instances, those people may be right.  But here at EthoSource, it’s our livelihood to prove those notions incorrect with our office furniture and services. When it comes to high-end office furniture and top name brands, the struggle lies between businesses with small budgets, but big tastes.  Even when there’s a huge selection of pre-owned office furniture, your visions may include specific looks that at any given moment the inventory just doesn’t include.  This is where refurbished office furniture saves the day!

The refurbishing process can get you the very best of both worlds: the high-end look and functionality you’ve envisioned for your office furniture AND the prices that work for your unique budget.  As our company’s specialty, we’ve become the experts in customizing your furniture to match your specific office style.  If you’re hesistant about used office furniture, you may have your doubts about refurbishing as well, or maybe you just don’t know enough about it, so that’s where we come in!  With over a decade of expereince, we have been learning new and better ways to recover or refinish our most popular office furniture products.  But what exactly does a refurbished process entail?

Here is what a pre-owned task chair may look like when it is recycled by our liquidation crew (some, not all!). Not pretty to look at and definitely not something you’d want to sit in, but that doesn’t mean the end for this perfectly functional, ever-popular Humanscale Freedom chair.  In fact, the Freedom chair has been engineered to withstand demanding office environments as a very durable seating option. So it would be a complete waste not to recycle this chair for some deserving employee who can appreciate great office ergonomics and style. freedom-chair When we get a chair like this, our crew thoroughly inspects and cleans it to ensure all the mechanisms and adjustments are fully functioning and no repairs need to be made.  If the arm pads are ripped or discolored, we will replace them to with brand new ones.  In this chair’s case, clearly the fabric had to go,  so we strip the old fabrics off of the cushion seat and back and recover both with the brand new fabrics from our selection.  For this chair, we went with the sleek and simple black.  Woolah! refurbished-freedom-chair

Now, this “before” picture isn’t representative of all the chairs we bring back to our warehouse.  If the chair doesn’t pass our inspection, then we won’t make it available to customers at all, because the same quality you expect from your new office furniture is the same quality we expect to provide our customers! Sometimes, the case may just be a color change.  Perhaps you are looking for a more sleek and flexible color, and in you office, blue, purple or red just isn’t it.  If you’re set on a certain chair, and this is the case, refurbishing may be the way to go! Check out the before and after for this Steelcase Criterion:

before and after- criterion

Another reason you may be interested in choosing refurbished office furniture is almost the opposite of the last example.  You’re looking to use your office chairs to spice up the office and add some color!  Our collection of select Spacer Mesh fabrics gives you the options to do just that! Take your company colors, your favorite colors, or colors that brighten your mood during the workday and incorporate them into your new seating! The possiblities for customization are endless!  If we don’t have a color you want, provide your very own options for us to work with.  Take this Herman Miller Ergon chair, for example:


Equa-chair[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]refurbished-equa-chair[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]Herman Miller Equa Chair[/ezcol_1third_end]

In addition to our chairs, EthoSource is well known for our refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles.  In fact, they’re our specialty, and if you thought being able to customize your chairs is cool, you should see all the possibilities for your cubicles.  Not only brand new fabrics, but all new finishes, accent tiles and accessories, as well as completely original layouts and configurations based on your unique floorplan and workstyle.  Our team of professional designers are here every step of the way to advise you on your design options and work all of your specific requests into your space plan.  Check it out: refurbished office cubicles

Some changes are subtle and elegant, and others are more fun and unique!  The possibilities go on and on when you choose Refurbished office furniture, so take a look at some of our past projects, or contact us to learn more!

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