What’s All This Benching Business?

While cubicles and private offices are still necessary in some work environments, they are disappearing in many offices today. Open, airy, collaborative, spaces are the latest trend in office design and they’re taking the industry by storm. Why are benching systems so popular? The answer is all about the evolution of the worker. Back when cubicles were the latest and greatest, employees were limited to their desk space that held their huge desktop computers that never left the office. Today WiFi, Bluetooth, laptops, smart phones, are just a few of the reasons that employees are becoming more mobile. Benching systems allow the flexibility to change and evolve the work space along with the evolving worker.

6x6-CubicleThe combination of cubicles and benching is ideal for many office spaces, as not every employee wants or needs the same amount of privacy. An employee that leaves the office three days out of the work week to visit clients or work in another location can sit in an open area or at a shared desk easier than an employee that works at their desk 5 days a week. The second type of employee is less inclined to swap desks or share their space because to them, their office can be like a second home. It depends on the employee, the amount of time they spend at their desk, and what type of work they do. Some companies may never have the flexibility to transition from cubicles to benching because of the sensitive information they handle throughout their work day.

Making the switch to an open area work space will need to come with designated areas for employees to have a little quiet/private time, to make a phone call, work on a group project, have a meeting, etc. Distractions, noises, and interruptions, are just part of the collaborative design of a benching system.  It’s best to give your employees some options because everyone is different.

Basecamp BenchingEthoSource has some great options for benching.  Our new Basecamp System is designed from Eli Whitney’s concept of “interchangeable parts,”  where the simplicity and dynamic quality of each component enables complete customization, not only for workstations, but also freestanding desks and conference tables. Our Basecamp Benching option can be customized and modified to fit perfectly into your office space. You can choose from 48,” 60″ and 72″ wide positions, as well as fabric, marker board, glass or acrylic tiles to customize each station to match your employees’ individual work styles. It’s modern, architectural base is highlighted by a unique floating top, and a simple leg and beam bench structure offers the flexibility to build on and modify. Basecamp’s aluminum extrusions can withstand even the most demanding work environments, plus it’s plug and play power system is very convenient. We also offer multiple privacy screen and workstation finishes so your benching system will fit your office style and environment.