Basecamp Benching

Our new Basecamp System is designed from Eli Whitney’s concept of “interchangeable parts,”  where the simplicity and dynamic quality of each component enables complete customization, not only for workstations, but also freestanding desks and conference tables. Choose from 48," 60" and 72" wide positions, as well as fabric, markerboard, glass or acrylic tiles to customize each station to match your employees' individual work styles. Structure: Modern, architectural base highlighted by a unique floating top Flexibility: Simple leg and beam bench structure to build on and modify Durability: Aluminum extrusions to withstand even the most demanding work environments Power: Plug and play power system available above or below surface through center of system Customization: Multiple privacy screen options, power and data availability and workstation finishes.

Inventory number: 361-23220

Dimensions: N/A

Model Name: Basecamp

Finish: Customer's Choice

Fabric: Customer's Choice