Why You’ll Love Office Cubicles As Much as We Do

office-cubiclesOffice cubicles have gotten a bad rep over the years.  Probably because every time a miserable job or employee is portrayed on TV, there they are, rows and rows of them, looking dull and monotonous.  But the truth is that these types of cubicles are a thing of the past or at least not the type of cubicles we can relate to. As people hear more and more about the open office styles that have been recently introduced to the work world, there are even more reasons to love the combative benefits of an office cubicle.  Granted, it has to be the right cubicle! That’s where we come in.

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The obvious benefit to a cubicle system is the additional privacy you receive compared to an open office plan.  The walls of a cubicle aren’t typically full height from floor to ceiling, but they help give people a sense of privacy without closing them off completely to the rest of the office.  It’s much easier to get distracted when there’s no barrier between you and your fellow coworkers and the constant sounds of phones, music and voices.

Think of how you used to study in the school library.  Maybe you enjoy occasionally studying in a group to discuss different topics and get new ideas, but when you choose to review the material on your own, is it still just as beneficial to be sitting across from these people?  And what if you’re looking over a completely different subject than those surrounding you?  The workplace is no different.  In these cases, a moderately private space such as a cubicle will minimize these surrounding variables when you need to focus, while still allowing easy access to coworkers as well.

The best part about high-end cubicles such as Herman Miller Ethospace is the level of privacy you need has the ability to be adjusted and customized to the specific way you work.  Different employees need different layouts, whether you have a department that works primarily on separate responsibilities or you have an assistant who spends a large part of his day communicate back and forth with a manager.  The frame and tile system enables Ethospace panels to be removed to open up from station to station, or glass tiles to see across offices, even pop-in overhead storage units or whiteboards for those employees that need help staying organized.  The work surface is also a customized option if you prefer a mobile desk for flexibility or an L-shape, U-shape, or bullpen set up depending on your daily individual responsibilities.  The ability to differentiate the needs of each employee through the various cubicle possibilities makes the cubicle a more practical solution for offices.

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On the other side of the argument is the private office, which give workers complete seclusion from others. This option eliminates the ability to communicate with others and collaborate regularly.  It’s in our nature to need social interaction throughout the day, and in turn this helps create a healthier work environment with much happier employees.  Although big distractions can be detrimental, interacting with coworkers can be a motivator to keep you productive or even give you a chance to collaborate different ideas. It’s also harder for others to slack off when you can moderately see or hear what they’re doing.

Cubicles are also very space efficient. Providing a number of personal workspace within a single floor plan is unique to the cubicle’s capabilities. It’s important to employees to feel they have enough personal space, but often the amount of office space is limited.  Cubicles are a great use of space without sacrificing the comfort of employees.  Even further, the customizable options give employees a sense of personal expression, even if it’s solely due to aesthetic preferences.  Ethospace tackable tiles allow workers to decorate their space with pictures, to-do lists, calendars, etc. You can take advantage of the space your building allows, while employees make a personal space where they can be most productive.

Lastly, but certainly not least important is the cost-efficiency of a cubicle system.  It is significantly more expensive to provide employees with their own private office.  If your company is on a budget, or would rather simply have more money to spend elsewhere, cubicles are the way to go. Some of the most high-end cubicles such as Herman Miller Ethospace are available as refurbished cubicles to offer customers even more savings than buying new.  These cubicles look like-new once they are inspected, cleaned and given new fabrics and finishes chosen by the customer to suit their office needs.

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