Smart, Sustainable, Simple: Office Furniture Decommissions the Right Way

  • As the pandemic has redefined our perceptions for the future of work, a proper decommission is the first step to creating the right environment for your team.
  • Professionals that can provide a comprehensive approach to the process that ensure your space will look its best at the end of the project.
  • Choosing a team that’s dedicated to keeping your furniture out of a landfill will help you feel confident in the process and look forward to the future.

After a year of drastic adapting and evolving, we’ve all started rethinking our office spaces—how it’s used, who will be using it and how often, what to make it safe and productive. As your company discovers the right balance of in-person and remote collaboration, that may mean downsizing, or what we like to call “right” sizing, in order to maximize your space for how your team will now be using it. So what about all the office furniture you no longer need?

The first step to creating the best possible environment for your team is a proper decommission. You may have a lot of options for getting rid of your excess furniture, but most will have headaches included in the deal. The decommission process requires a high level of expertise in project management,  logistics planning, and sustainability practices to prevent any damage to your furniture or your space and ensure a safe disposal.

That’s where we come in. Ethosource offers you a single point of contact for decommissions. Whether you’re moving to another space or are updating the furniture or layout of your current office, our team is committed to providing a seamless and simple transition for you, and a sustainable solution for your office. Here’s how it works.

Our Approach: From Across the Street to Across the Country

  • Consultation

    It starts with our easy online form that takes just a few minutes to complete. Your information will be sent to one of our decommission experts who will be happy to review the details through a video chat, phone call or in-person meeting. During your consultation, we’ll discuss the following specifics about your project:

    • Your timeline and critical dates.
    • Any unique building or location logistics.
    • Outlining your decommission budget.
    • A comprehensive understanding of your goals for a successful process.

    Our mission is to provide a complete decommission solution. We create plans unique to your company’s needs — not just in terms of your furniture and data cable removal, but everything that comes along with it. In other words, we won’t leave you with a mess.

  • Strategy

    Our team will create a step-by-step plan strategically based on your budget and timeline requirements.

    • You’ll be appointed a designated Project Manager who will remain your point of contact throughout the entire project.
    • Our strategic plan will be tailored to your needs based on your timeline, budget, location, and more. Our approach is entirely customized to your goals.
    • We will evaluate multiple approaches to help you save time and money, identifying any challenges that were not reviewed during your initial consultation.
  • Execution

    You can rest assured that your goals and lease obligations will be met as we manage the full removal of furniture and equipment according to your custom decommission plan.

    • We don’t just remove furniture; we leave your space in impeccable condition. Trash and debris removal, wall patch/paint services, wiping and vacuuming— the cleaner your space, the happier the landlord.
    • Your designated project manager will take care of every aspect of the project, which includes:
      • Ensuring accessibility and highly responsive service.
      • Coordinating with any other trades in your building.
      • Providing daily updates and review of any unexpected deviations from the decommission plan.
      • Discussing your options for recycling, reselling, donating or giving away your furniture.
      • Planning a final walkthrough to ensure all goals were met, and you are completely satisfied with your experience.
  • Our Commitment to Sustainability

    At Ethosource, we made sustainable solutions the core of our business before it was the cool thing to do. For the last 20 years, we’ve led the industry in services designed to keep office furniture out of landfills.


    It starts with our 100,000+ sq. ft. refurbishing facility that gives quality furniture the new fabrics, touch-ups, and repairsthey need to find a new home. We’ll discuss the proper removal for each category of furniture from your decommission — from recycling or donating to a quality scrap, salvage, or waste-to-energy procedures.  Our extensive network of industry partners allow us to explore all reusable opportunities for your furniture, so you can feel really good about saying goodbye.


    You deserve a seamless transition from start to finish. From move management, furniture removal, wall patching and painting services, trash and debris removal, recycling and refurbishing, and buy-back programs, Ethosource is dedicated to providing the most sustainable and hassle-free solutions for your decommission project. Fill out our online questionnaire for a quote and start looking forward to the future in your new space.