Making Changes to the Workspace Shouldn’t be Difficult

  • The office is constantly changing, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the workstation parts you need for a flawless transition
  • Whether you’re a business owner, mover/installer, or Herman Miller dealer, you don’t have time to let a lack of Refurbished Ethospace parts and Ethospace compatible parts hold up your project
  • Ethosource has been a trusted partner for refurbished Ethospace and Ethospace compatible parts for decades, and we’re not slowing down now
The return to the office is in full swing and that means all new workstation installations, modifications to existing layouts, and a need to be very, very flexible. With all of our incredible (recently-discovered) abilities to adapt, a new headache is the last thing you’re looking for. As we make our way back to the office in various capacities, a flexible and comfortable transition is everyone’s focus. From business owners and teams eager to collaborate to movers and installers building our environments to furniture dealers getting busier by the day creating new spaces, we all want to be sure we’re prepared for what’s next.

Making changes to the workspace shouldn’t be difficult, and at Ethosource, we know that means always having the refurbished Ethospace  and Ethospace compatible parts you need to grow and adapt without delays. No one wants to waste time or money because of a faulty cantilever or broken connector. (And even if you don’t know what those are, it’s ok — that’s why we’re here.)

For more specifics, we’ve split this article into sections, so finding what you need has never been easier — because like we said, no one likes wasting time.

  • If you’re a company looking for parts for your office, Section One is for you.
  • If you’re a mover or installer, we’ve got you covered. See Section Two for details.
  • And last but certainly not least, Herman Miller dealers can skip to Section Three.
  • Companies/Business Owners — Keeping Productivity Flowing

    We’ve all gone through significant changes in the past year, and our offices have become an integral component of those changes. Are you rethinking your office space design? Maybe you’re adding workstations or creating flexible divisions for a more confident way to collaborate. Today’s office is filled with possibilities, but while these ideas are transitioning from visions to reality, your employee productivity shouldn’t have to suffer.

    You don’t have to be an expert in all parts and accessories that make your refurbished Ethospace workstations so versatile, but you do need to make sure they’re never causing your team distractions. Whether you’re making changes to your space or need a replacement part to fix your current stations, our guaranteed quick turnaround ensures that you and your team are able to keep work flowing without interruption. We’re only a phone call away whenever you need us.

  • Movers and Installers — Efficiency and Precision

    There’s nothing worse than arriving to a job site to discover that your customer is either missing essential parts or you’ve been given the wrong ones. A couple of parts could hold up an entire project if you or your supplier is unable to secure these quickly. Instead of finding yourself in a tough spot midway through a project costing you time and money, make sure you have a trusted partner who you can always call. Ethosource is known for quick turnarounds, so your project will never be slowed down by missing parts. We get you what you need when you need it. Efficiency and precision are our top priorities, so keeping your project running smoothly and your client happy can be yours.

  • Herman Miller Dealers — Top-Notch Customer Service

    Whenever your customers are looking to update, add, or change their workstations, Ethosource ensures that you’re able to quickly and easily secure the refurbished Ethospace or Ethospace compatible parts you need to deliver excellent customer service. From large orders for a full office build-out to small replacements to existing workspaces, we have all the standard matching finishes to fulfil your customer’s needs with more options and less headaches.

    • Black Umber
    • Medium Tone
    • Metallic Silver
    • Inner Tone Light
    • Cool Grey Neutral
    • And more.
All of our parts are 100% compatible with the original Herman Miller Ethospace, so you can hang our components on existing frames, or add your components to our frames. Let Ethosource be your trusted partner for every project and never let parts be a problem.

Choosing the Right Parts with Ethosource

Managing a office redesign or buildout involves a lot of moving parts, but with Ethosource, the process has been hassle-free for over 20 years. While other companies have decreased their production, we continue to be a trusted source for any refurbished Ethospace and Ethospace compatible parts our clients need — so that you can rest assured knowing someone always has you covered. Check out the Ethospace Compatible Parts page to see our full range of offerings and products, or contact us to discuss your needs today.