Return of the Cubicle

Redefining Work: The Return of the Cubicle

What you’ll find in this article…

    • A workplace that supports productivity and creativity while maximizing health and safety is essential to make the transition back to the office both an exciting and comfortable one.
    • Cubicles are making a comeback, ditching the standardized office plans of the past, and allowing each employee to create their own space with endless customization options.
    • Design experts can help create the best environment from the ground up: one that ensures health while nurturing creativity, inclusion, and productivity.

is one term that’s truly defined the work environment of today. Since 2020 threw everyone for the ultimate loop, turning rec rooms into offices, video calls into brainstorming sessions, and work hours into well… non-existent; our mentality has changed from simply wanting more benefits from our work to expecting more ways to actually work — and feel comfortable doing it.

The Comeback of the Cubicle

As employers seek new ways to adapt to the needs of their employees, an old office friend is making its big comeback: the cubicle. Has there ever been a better time to reinvent your space with a solution that can address each employees’ individual needs?

No, we’re not talking about the cubicle of the past that many of us think of first — even if some of us are eager for a distraction-free workspace — simply adding more walls isn’t the only way to do it.  Meet the cubicle of today: an intelligent, ergonomic system with easy reconfiguration capabilities, countless customization possibilities, and technology-driven design.

Heading Back to the Office — of Tomorrow

A visually pleasing and seamless system of organization is proven to increase productivity while cultivating a pleasurable work environment. The tangible benefits of physically occupying a space together have always been one of the office’s greatest strengths, and that holds even more true today. A well-designed layout allows for comfortable and organic interaction between coworkers, reminding us that the office is an essential component that encourages the collaboration that is so key to growth.

According to recent data from Steelcase, throughout the past year, 41% of those who frequently work from home have been dissatisfied with their experience, and only 19% reported that they are fully satisfied. As these experiences vary so greatly from person to person, it makes sense that 95% of those surveyed expect to return to the office in some capacity. So creating a workplace that supports productivity and creativity, while prioritizing employee health and safety is essential to make this transition both an exciting and confident one.

A Creative Combination of Endless Possibilities

Many of the workspaces left behind this past year were filled with drab and standardized office plans; others were experimenting with completely open or shared spaces — now, it’s time for a solution that combines organization and privacy with innovation and creativity. Today’s cubicle has a virtually limitless range of possibilities throughout the advancement of a flexible, ergonomic design so companies are able to create spaces where form and function align; and employees don’t have to choose between one style or another; or between being productive and feeling at ease.  Employees can have both a sit-to-stand desk and an L-shaped worksurface, a clear divider and a 6 ft. wall, acoustic panels and a TV hookup — all in the same workstation.

Companies are now embracing the ever-changing nature of these innovations through progressive designs and technologies, making sure they can meet their employees’ unique needs; and crafting a dynamic and highly-personalized space based on your company culture is what we do best. A short list of some of the customization options include:

  • Glass/plastic panels & screens for safe visibility and collaboration
  • Interchangeable tiles and washable fabric panels (in any color you can think of) to enable you to keep stations clean and sanitized
  • Varying wall heights that allow employees to easily collaborate with coworkers, while simultaneously providing privacy and prioritizing health
  • Convenient mobile storage solutions with benches for increased flexibility of where and how you work
  • Wire management that delivers power and facilitates technology for complete harmony of in-person and remote collaboration
  • Desk accessories, i.e. monitor stands, energy efficient lighting, keyboard holders, etc.

Designing the Future of Work with Ethospace

Our recycled Ethospace workstations transform any office space into the work environment that always keeps the unique needs of your employees as the top priority. Our thoughtful experts work with you to design a space that’s the best of both worlds: one that maximizes employee health and safety while nurturing productivity, creativity and inclusivity. For more information, contact us today!