On the 12th Day of Office Tips…

It’s the final day of our holiday countdown!  Just in time for New Year’s Eve.  So much helpful advice all in 12 days! This final word of wisdom is to help you concentrate on, improve upon and get the most out of the best part of your office… you! On the 12th Day of Office Tips, EthoSource said to me… Focus on You!!

12th Day of Christmas

There will always be things about your office that you could change or improve to get a happier, healthier work environment, but one of the best ways to keep loving what you do day in and day out is to make sure you focus on yourself!  What things can I improve about my work habits?  What will make me enjoy my space more?  What will keep me the most productive?  Don’t worry, we have some guidance on where to start!

1) Get to the office earlier.  Give yourself a little more time to get settled before you start catching up on emails, calls and whatever else from the day before.  The problem with digging right into our work the second we walk in the door is that we start the day feeling bombarded and stressed.  If as soon as you sit down, you’re getting requests and project assignments, you leave yourself no time to recap where you left off the last time you were in the office.  Get in a few minutes early, and start your day on the right foot.

2) Stop beating yourself up.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Yes, you should push yourself to be better in every aspect of your job, but when you slip up, is emotionally punishing yourself for it going to help?  If anything, it’ll affect the rest of your work and interactions with others as a result, and just make things worse.  Learn from your error, see how you can fix it, and move on.

3) Don’t isolate yourself.  Sometimes its a little too easy to get caught up in your to-do list and keep your head buried in your computer.  In the job and business market we have today, networking and relationships are the most important part of any career, whether it’s for your company or you personally.  Don’t get lost in your cubicle.  Make sure you’re sharing your goals, achievements and the ways you can help others with as many people as possible.

4) Waste less time on social media.  This may be a tough one, but if you force yourself to limit your social media use from time to time, you may realize you’re not as reliant on it as you thought.  Think of all the extra time you’ll have by checking Facebook only once or twice a day, instead of 15! Make the most of your time in the office getting actual work done, so when you’re away or at home, it’s off your mind and you can actually enjoy it.

5) Be more aware of office social dynamics.  Maybe this is already your strong point, but it’s truly amazing how far a “good work” or “thank you” can go in the workplace.  Make sure you’re taking the time to realize what others are doing to help you on a daily basis and think about what ways you can better help them.  You’re all in this together, after all!  With customers and partners, this is also very important.  Remember that networking we talked about?  This is your way of promoting your character.  Everyone wants to work with someone who is thoughtful and attentive.  Appreciation can go a long way!

After a busty holiday season of thinking and planning gifts and events for others, it’s always nice to have the reminder to think of yourself a little more!  Make yourself the focus of this New Year, and you’ll se how it’ll not only help you, but others around you at the same time!

If you missed any days of our 12 days of Office Tips, check out our blog to catch up on any of our helpful insight for 2016!  Good luck with those New Year Resolutions!