On the 11th Day of Office Tips…

Not only are we totally encouraging of an eco-friendly workplace due to the fact it is a HUGE part of our own business model (you know, with recycled office furniture and all), BUT we also think being energy efficient just makes sense!  Why waste resources and money, when you don’t have to?  Technology and products have come a long way in helping buildings preserve energy and be smarter with their office equipment, so it’s helpful to know how to take advantage of them!  On the 11th Day of Office Tips, EthoSource said to me… Create an Energy Efficient Office!

11th Day of Christmas


Creating a more energy efficient workplace is as simple as a couple minor changes to your layout and work routine.  Even if they seem a little tedious or costly at first, they will pay off huge in the long run.  Here’s a few things we recommend:

  • Motion sensor lighting, especially in larger spaces like warehouses and open office environments.  It’s easy to forget to turn off lights when they’re not being used and in larger spaces, it often means a ton of wasted electricity and a big electric bill.  Meeting rooms, bathrooms, etc. are also great locations to take advantage of these lights
  • Also, make sure these lights are LED or fluorescent bulbs that save energy automatically by using less watts than older, inefficient lighting methods.  They also have 0 UV emissions and no toxic chemicals.
  • Make sure all appliances are up to date and replace any old clunkers that may be draining your energy.
  • Install an adjustable thermostat, so you have control over the amount of heat and air are being pumped out of the system throughout the day.  Make changes to temperature settings when necessary to help you save.
  • Next time you;re in the market for a company car, take special notice of the fuel economy as a deciding factor in your purchase.
  • Invest in laptops.  Not only are they a much more flexible and practical way to work for all types of professions, but the use a ton less energy than standard desktop computers.
  • Recycle!!
  • Unplug devices when they’re not in sue.  Even though they may not be on, they’re still draining energy.

Improving your energy efficiency is such a great way to help the environment and save your company money, but it also helps create a healthier workplace as well.  Studies have shown that changes like those above, as well as many others, can help reduce psychological stress, asthma symptoms and a number of illnesses.  This is because energy efficiency is tied to air quality which has a big influence on these health conditions.  Take our word for it (and the others listed below), and become more energy efficient in the New Year!




Make your Office More Sustainable