Architectural Walls: Rearranging with Ease

  • Changing your office plan shouldn’t be time-consuming or costly, and the flexibility of architectural walls allow for more opportunity.
  • Architectural walls offer a myriad of benefits: saving time and resources, lowering costs, tax reductions, sustainability, and more.
  • Office needs change, and demountable walls effortlessly cultivate the environment that functions best for you at any given time.

Have you ever felt the instant benefits of redesigning your office space? A space can magically feel bigger, performance starts improving, workflow becomes more natural — and that’s just the start. We measure the power of workplace design by employee morale, brand strength, creativity levels; all of which can never stay stagnant. Whether you’re adding new employees, restructuring departments or operations, or incorporating new technologies to stay competitive, flexibility that isn’t costly is key. Your business is constantly evolving, and it’s more than ok to switch things up — actually, it’s inevitable.

However, drywall makes this difficult. Modifying your floor plan often requires employees to be out of office for extended periods of time, increasing costs, decreasing productivity, and adding considerable strain on everyone involved. Not ideal.

Architectural walls dramatically simplify this process. Panels are easily removed and reconfigured with minimal work interruptions, making them the perfect alternative to static drywall. The ergonomic, technology-driven designs provide endless possibilities, so you can easily adapt whenever you need — or just want to. They even add tax reductions!

If we haven’t quite sold you just yet, read on to uncover all benefits of architectural walls.

  • Creating an Environment that Works for Everyone

    As your company grows and adapts overtime, the needs of your office change too. Whether you’re looking to minimize distractions or increase privacy, rearrange for a particular project, or create work areas that supports multiple work styles and projects simultaneously, demountable walls afford endless options that support any office environment.

    Architectural walls are completely customizable. Choose from sliding and swing glass doors, unlimited sustainable and healthy material choices, single or double panes, integration with existing construction or wall systems — design a space that truly reflects your culture and values.

    If you’re looking at just adding to an existing space, our solid wall and glass systems integrate with any design and are easily paired with whiteboards, smart glass technology, fabric panels, and a variety of other office features that improve productivity and encourage workplace collaboration.

    Our experts take a field-fit approach, assessing the particular necessities of your company to provide the most functional, adaptable, and quality selection.

  • Tax Advantages

    The combination of Section 179 of the IRS tax code and bonus depreciation allow businesses to deduct the full purchase price of demountable walls during the current tax year. Visit the NxtWall tax savings calculator to see your potential savings instantly.

    Even better, Ethosource offers lower first-cost pricing compared to standard drywall construction methods. You can recover up to 35% of your wall project investment in the first year. If you’re working with a budget, this alone is a total game-changer.

  • Saving Time, Money, and Resources

    In addition to your tax savings, the overall monetary advantages of a flexible architectural wall system are incomparable. Think about it. With demountable walls, you eliminate the investment and permanency of standard drywall construction. They can be reconfigured or replaced with minimal work interruptions, eliminating the extra stress, costs, and distractions that come from solid drywall.

  • Sustainability

    Sourcing the most premier, environmentally friendly options is always top priority. Here at Ethosource, we supply both NxtWall and Planet Partitioning because of their top-tier quality, durability and exceptional LEED building design, providing up to 100% recyclable, reusable, and reconfigurable solutions. Eco-friendly finishes are also available, so you can enforce your commitment to sustainability by doing your part to keep drywall and debris out of landfills.

Ethosource supplies NxtWall and Planet Partitioning to ensure our customers receive the best service and highest quality for all their office design needs. For more information, contact our team at Ethosource today!