The Healthcare Environment: Beyond the Furniture Wellness in Your Own Office

  • Cohesion is key for efficiency in a healthcare environment. But not all furniture companies can offer you everything you need for a complete solution, adding time and money to the process.
  • Ethosource focuses on providing affordable options for every type of healthcare facility or department, lessening the financial strain on business leaders, and increasing your customization possibilities.
  • Our blend of new and recycled health-conscious furniture solutions allow healthcare providers to maximize their investment in the long run.

The Healthcare industry is in the midst of accelerated change. Efficient and flexible care has taken on new meaning and our facilities have to be adaptable with the ability to meet the evolving needs of patients and employees alike. Everything from the workspaces people sit at every day to the accessibility of the equipment you need to provide exceptional care, you’re creating experiences when designing your environment.

Ethosource offers more than just a furniture upgrade. Working with us allows you to unlock all your options with one partner with our offering of personalized, sustainable, and affordable furniture solutions for offices, labs, waiting rooms, administration, and more.

  • The Key to a Blended Solution

    The healthcare experience isn’t unilateral, and that means cohesion is key for efficiency. Plus, it looks a lot better too. While a lot of companies can provide you with great office furniture, they may leave you hanging when it comes to outfitting your lab or lounges. Ethosource is different. We have an extensive network of vendor partners that allow us to help you design any room in your facility with a blend of high-end names and affordable alternatives, brand new products and recycled solutions. We become your partner, connecting you to endless options to design every space in your facility with continuity and efficiency.


    Using our spatial planning and 3D design technology, our designers will work directly with you to understand your specific needs, offer expert recommendations based on your budget and space limitations, and create a comprehensive and affordable solution. With the unique ability to blend new and used products throughout your spaces, you can maximize your investment with a more environmentally conscious design that saves you money now and in the long run.

  • The Etho Advantage: What the Big Names Can’t Offer

    Every healthcare provider is unique, and you not only want your space to reflect your strengths and empower your team, but you need it to work for you.  While the big-name brands out there certainly may know what they’re doing when it comes to healthcare solutions, they also limit your options by trying to provide everything you need from within just one brand: theirs. Ethosource works with most of those big names, but we also have partnerships with a lot of other companies too. That way you have a wide variety of manufacturers and products to choose, allowing you to get the most cost-effective and comprehensive options possible. Having this large network also allows us to create more affordable solutions, allowing you to invest more back into your team and what you do best.

  • What Else?

    As healthcare experts, you understand the importance of a clean and safe work environment better than anyone. Ethosource gets that. And that’s why we’re dedicated to offering easy-to-clean materials and various products for a healthier future. From recommending certain metals that prevent dust collection or opting for fabrics with anti-microbial properties that can be easily treated to privacy screens, no touch waste containers, demountable walls, and more, we’ll help you create a healthier environment for your patients and employees.

Ethosource is also committed to providing more eco-friendly alternatives when designing new workspaces using recycled products. We clean, refurbish, and repair the top brands in office furniture to help our clients both make the most of their furniture investment, while reducing their carbon footprint, helping you achieve LEED certification and meet your company initiatives.

Take the first step towards creating a more efficient and flexible work environment based on your specific needs with Ethosource as your partner.  Contact us today to learn more about our extensive healthcare solutions and how we can help you.