The Educational Environment: Designing the Future of Higher Education

  • Comfortable, cohesive, and innovative educational spaces are the key to productive learning and growth.
  • Ethosource provides affordable and sustainable solutions for every space with full customization capabilities that broaden opportunities and maximize investments for facility managers and owners.
  • Blend new and recycled furniture to create a more cost-effective design while minimizing the environmental impact of your facility.

Educators at every level understand that productive learning requires the right environment. Uncomfortable and disconnected spaces only prevent efficiency and growth.  A cohesive and supportive space that suits the needs of its unique students, and its faculty, should be the mission of every college or institution, but it doesn’t have to ruin the school budget in the process.

Partnering with Ethosource is more than just a furniture fix. Our team of experienced project managers, expert designers, and professional installers offer a one-stop solution to all your facility needs. We guide you through the entire design process with both new and refurbished, high-end products to help you create the most beneficial and cost-effective solution possible.

Here’s a little more information about what our process looks like and how your school can benefit… 

  • School Pride that Really Shows

    Building school morale starts right on campus. Generic classroom furniture and dull hallways can make getting out and getting involved seem like a chore. And when students visit your campus, they’re looking at all the things that make it unique from the other schools on their list. Truly customize your communal spaces with school colors, logos, and more. Bring students together with exciting lounge areas, inspire educators with high-end conference rooms or ergonomic furniture, or promote school spirit with lockers and signage that show off your school colors and values. So how will your spaces have an impact?


    Using our spatial planning and 3D design technology, our designers will work directly with you to understand your specific needs, offer expert recommendations based on your budget and space limitations, and create a comprehensive and affordable solution. With the unique ability to blend new and used products throughout your spaces, you can maximize your investment with a more environmentally conscious design that saves you money now and in the long run.

  • Blended Solutions for a Smarter Investment

    New furniture can be expensive. But getting the brand names and quality you want doesn’t have to be. When you work with us, you have the opportunity to combine both new and refurbished, high-end office furniture into your design. Not only does the option of choosing recycled chairs, workstations, desks, and more minimize the financial burden on your institution, but it also lessens the environmental footprint you leave in the process. Steps toward a LEED certified facility is something you can feel good about, and prospective students will notice too. Take a closer look at the possibilities and benefits of a completely blended solution from Ethosource.
  • Innovation without Limits

    The 21st century classroom is constantly evolving to incorporate the latest technology and equipment designed to improve the ability to learn and share information. Your computer labs, lecture halls, libraries, and more have to be ready to embrace and adapt to these developments over time. Ethosource can help you create environments for every phase of a student’s academic career with products and designs that are well-equipped to integrate modern innovation and technology. And even better, our workspaces are engineered to allow for easy modifications and reconfigurations, so you can not only continue to open new doors for student education and accessibility, but also do it in the most cost-effective way possible.

  • One Partner for All Your Needs

    The options for higher education furniture are endless. But very few companies can offer them all to you. Sure, Ethosource has its own awesome brands that we highly recommend you check out, but we also work with an extensive network of high-end manufacturers and brand names to help you expand your options to achieve a cohesive design — without all the extra phone calls and logistics. While many companies may have some of what you’re looking for, they’ll limit your options to in-house brands with less products and fewer cost-saving options. So when you’re trying to create a fully customized and cohesive educational environment from your science labs to your libraries to your cafeterias, Ethosource is the only contact you need.

The sky’s the limit for your students’ potential, and we believe the same should apply to your facilities. Contact us today to learn more about our product solutions and how Ethosource can help you create a place where your students and facility are proud to be.