Ergonomic Office Chairs That Enhance The Way You Work

For all the sitting you do throughout the work day, you deserve a comfortable seat.  But the complexity of what “comfort” actually means has been taken to a whole new level since office ergonomics have become the focus in the manufacturing of office furniture. No longer does having a good office chair solely mean a nice padded cushion and the ability to spin 360 degrees.  Now, chairs have been designed to imitate the natural posture of the spin and involve enough adjustments to accommodate every size, shape, and weight of a person to their specifications. We’ve pulled together some of the most popular ergonomic office chairs that have been leading the way in office comfort and design.  Because everyone knows a comfortable and happy employee is a productive employee.

Humanscale Freedom Chair

31078A RefurbedThe Freedom chair by Humanscale has been winner of numerous design awards.  It has weight-sensitive recline and pivoting backrest so you can adjust your lumbar support and have better body function no matter what your size. It is designed to fit 95% of the population’s body type based on its adjustability in seat height and depth.  Lastly, the Freedom’s arms are synchronous in adjustment with natural lift and release action for quick repositioning without any buttons or locks. For more pictures of the Freedom chair, click here.






Steelcase Leap Chair

31055aThis chair is designed to adjust well to your body shape, so you don’t have to adjust to it.  The back can flex to range shape as your back changes shape in order to maximize stability and posture as you work without limiting your movement.  It’s arms each adjust separately, so you can find the natural position of your forearms and elbows to support your neck and spine comfortably.  It’s natural glide system allows you to recline and still stay oriented in a workable position, while the Leap’s thermal comfort consists of a special foam allowing the back to breathe for your comfort. In addition to adjustable lumbar, lower back firmness, and upper back force, the support you receive some your chair is totally controlled by you and your unique body shape. Check out more Leaps here.




Herman Miller Aeron Chair

HMAeronChairOne of the most well-known office chairs is the Aeron.  This chair is actually in the Museum of Modern Arts permanent collection. It was an early inventor of PostureFit which supports the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward, so your spine stays aligned throughout the workday. The wide shape of the back around the shoulders takes pressure off the lower back.  It has numerous adjustments supporting the ability to tilt the chair to match your neck, shoulders, hips, and legs as they pivot naturally.  It’s back of the armrests slope slightly downward in conduction with your arms natural position. Click here to see the Aeron.



Haworth Improv

ImprovThe Improv enjoys a number of it’s own adjustments which will suit the needs of people from 4’10” to 6′ 9.” With common adjustments like back-height and seat-depth, the chair also features tension control which allows the user to control the firmness of their back support from day to day and synchronized tilt that allows your seat span to work in conjunction with how far you recline during this setting. The front of the Improv’s seat has a waterfall edge which encourages good blood flow to help with leg fatigue after long hours of sitting.  To see Improvs, click here.





Steelcase Criterion Chair

31012 Refurbed - BlackThis popular chair is has seven independent adjustments to offer a full range of dynamic options for every type of worker.  It is considered the workhorse of the office task chairs because of its durability and solid construction to withstand demanding work environments.  It’s arms can be as adjustable as you’d like with options ranging from height-width-pivot-adjustable arms to fixed arms to armless chairs.  The user can also enjoy options like seat depth and angle adjustment to help the body’s blood flow and natural movement.  Adjust the seat and back height as well to fit your specific needs.   Steelcase Criterions can be found by clicking here.






So, which ergonomic office chair is the right fit for you?