Used Ethospace System

Have you been looking for a used Ethospace system for your business? Are you wondering where you might be able to get one refurbished to suit your color scheme and employee preferences? Look no further than EthoSource. EthoSource, headquartered in Morgantown, PA, uses a consultative approach to help you blend a variety of used, refurbished … Read more

Modern Office Cubicles

Modern Office Cubicles Even during a global pandemic, modern office cubicles enable you to create a workspace your employees will want to escape to, not from. Ethosource can make your workplace come to life, inspiring productivity, creativity, and safe collaboration throughout the day. Ethosource, headquartered in Morgantown, PA, specializes in high-quality new and used office … Read more

Used Herman Miller Low-Wall Ethospace

If you are considering purchasing used Herman Miller low-wall Ethospace cubicles, you are probably wondering what benefits they offer. At EthoSource, we can help you attain the perfect office layout and suggest furniture that may be best suited to your business goals and budget. EthoSource offers new, pre-owned, and reconditioned office furniture that will enable … Read more

Executive Commercial Office Furniture

Executive Commercial Office Furniture The commercial office furniture you select for your business is important in terms of both looks and comfort, but it can be expensive. Ethosource in Morgantown, PA, is an excellent source of high-end executive office furniture at affordable prices. Ethosource offers an extensive range of private office systems with materials and … Read more

Part Two: Being Thoughtful When Going Hybrid

Once upon a time, the office was viewed as a place to get work done. If you weren’t there, it was impossible to be productive. As a result, employers had serious trust issues when employees requested to “work from home” for the day.  Well, times have certainly changed. We learned that you actually can work ... Read more

Part One: The Hybrid Office of the Future

When it comes to what the office of the future will look like, there’s a lot to talk about.  The modern workplace is continuously evolving, but the very abrupt need for evolution that all business owners faced more recently caused some challenges.  Despite the hurdles, our remote work “experiment” has taught us a lot about ... Read more

The Return to the Office: Creating a Space Where Everyone Can Thrive

Creating a comfortable and inspiring work environment for employees will require flexible and customizable office solutions. A workplace that prioritizes employee health extends past sanitary measures into office design and accessories for both on-site and remote employees. Materials and design are key considerations with options like anti-microbial surfaces, hard-surface panels for high density areas, and … Read more


Welcome, Bisnow! Ethosource is proud to be a member and sponsor of the Bisnow community. See below for ways that we can be an asset to our partners in the commercial real estate world. How can Ethosource help the Commercial Real Estate community? Clean & Safe Get information, ideas and recommendations on how to safely ... Read more

7 Ways to Maximize the Health Benefits of Your Sit-to-Stand Desk

Standing seems pretty easy, right? But just like sitting, it can actually lead to painful health issues if you’re doing it too much - or doing it wrong.   The human body is designed to move, so while sitting is “killing you,” standing for long periods of time isn’t helping you either. Enter: the sit-to-stand desk ... Read more

Aeron Chair Alternatives

If you know a thing or two about office chairs, you’ve heard of the Herman Miller Aeron.  One of the industry’s most popular and well-known chairs has revolutionized task seating expectations and remained a top seller for over two decades.  The only problem with this amazingly comfortable, stylish and ergonomic office chair is the price.  Buying this … Read more