Don’t Underestimate This Office Item!

One important aspect of office furniture people tend to overlook is a good filing and storage system. Everyone needs a bit of organization at their desk or within their office, and depending on what kind of system you have, it can make your life a lot easier. While traditional filing cabinets can still be a great option, there’s more that modern filing and storage systems can offer you. Your filing & storage system doesn’t have to be bulky or require too much of your office space. It doesn’t have to take up an entire room or stand out like a sore thumb in your beautifully designed office.

Don’t have much space to work with? Check out our Basecamp Mobile Pedestal. These pedestals are a flexible storage option due to their mobility and size. You can customize the ped to fit your office style by choosing a top cushion we have available in various colors. Here’s an example of how one office we designed chose to incorporate our mobile pedestal to ensure that every station has its’ own system for the worker to utilize however they like:

Our Basecamp mobile ped offers two drawers, one with an organizational drawer insert, and one for filing. It also has a handle for easy mobility, plus the cushion top to seat a guest, or it can even provide an additional work space right within the cubicle/station.

For general office filing & storage that can be shared or used as both an attractive AND functional piece of office furniture, is our Basecamp low height storage unit. This unit will give you just the right amount of storage, with two shelves and two drawers without cluttering your office or work area. Choose which side you’d like your drawers/shelves on to fit your work style. Just like our mobile ped, you can customize this unit to fit your office style by choosing a top cushion we have available in various colors.


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