Modern Work Spaces for Modern Work Habits

Collaboration/Coworking Space

Faster, more productive conversations can take place in these areas while completing work that requires small to moderate levels of concentration. As many of us already know, earbuds become standard equipment in open work areas, so the value of light chatter is lost. Designated collaboration areas will foster conversations among coworkers that may not happen at their desks.

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Concentration Space

A good office plan will always need a space that offers some quite time for tasks that require some higher level thinking. The further our work spaces evolve into open floor layouts, the more we lose our concentration spaces in the work place. Make sure your office includes a good concentration space for when employees do need it.

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Social Space

Social spaces cultivate critical friendships among colleagues and conversation that can lead to some great ideas. Plus, your employees will appreciate some down time after a long day or a tough week at work.

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Private Space

A small room designated as a “phone booth” allows employees the privacy for private conversations. This way, no one will need to take over an entire conference room just to hold a more intimate conversation.

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