How to Outsmart the Supply Chain Crisis with Creativity

  • With today’s digital age breeding the expectation of instant gratification, the supply chain crisis has caused disruption and frustration for consumers in all industries.
  • There are creative ways to furnish your office spaces that can help you alleviate extended lead times and minimize extra costs.
  • Ethosource’s sustainable practices enable you to blend new and used office furniture and reconfigure existing design to maximize your investment and create the workplace you need in a more affordable way.

Bad news: the global supply chain shortage is not ending anytime soon. But you probably already knew that. And if you read our last blog, Part One: How to Protect Your Project from the Impact of Today’s Supply Chain, you’ve already gotten some great tips to help you minimize major delays and issues.

But obviously, there’s only so much planning ahead you can do. The good news is there are other ways to work around the current supply chain crisis without sacrificing the functionality you need and the ‘wow’ factor you really want in your new office design.

In Part Two of our series, we’re covering how getting a little creative while styling your space can help you maximize your investment without waiting weeks on end to receive your products.  Looking into refurbished or recycled furniture from different manufacturers gives you more options, more flexibility, and overall, more possibilities — and it doesn’t have to be any additional work for you. (Enter, Ethosource.)

Taking the Creative Route to Avoid Supply Chain Issues:

  • Think Outside-Of-The-Box

    You want your office space to be unique, so why not work with a company that prides themselves on offering solutions no one else does? Finding a company who doesn’t rely strictly on specific manufacturer warehouses will give you the flexibility you deserve when it comes to perfecting your space.


    When you have a partner that can offer you more options, you minimize the chances of getting left high and dry. It’s not necessarily the dealer’s fault; if they’re supply chain is backed up, there is no plan B. Ethosource isn’t one of those dealers. We offer blended solutions that combine new and refurbished furniture. This means that through our liquidation services, we already have a full warehouse of various manufacturers at our disposable, eliminating the need to order from other suppliers.


    We’ll help you to find the perfect furniture for your space, while also allowing you the creativity to customize any features you want to match your style or brand. We’re here to fuel your creative process while working with you directly to find furniture that best fits your vision at an affordable price.

  • Know What a Vendor Has to Offer

    You deserve more options. A supply chain issue is plagued by limitations on what you can buy and when you can get it, but who you work with makes all the difference. Partnering with vendors who are loyal to just one manufacturer limits the flexibility they have with getting you what you need and when. Since Ethosource is a new and used furniture dealer, we have relationships with a whole roster of manufacturers, in addition to our own brands.


    When you have access to multiple vendors, you’re in control and you have more options. If one of the options you pick is held up, there are multiple alternatives to choose from and different ways to customize existing furniture to meet your needs. Relying on a one-brand vendor will rarely get you everything you need without having to call someone else, so look for a partner who will handle all those logistics for you to get what you really want.

  • Go with the "Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork" Approach

    There is power in numbers. You don’t have to have everything figured out from the first phone call — especially if you’re taking our advice from Part One and getting a jump start on your project. The key is having a full support team on your side


    At Ethosource, our experienced project management know our vendors and understand what to look for in all deliveries and logistics. They’ll help ensure you plan your project with every detail covered, while our innovative design teams can come up with creative solutions and offer valuable recommendations to avoid any further issues and delays.

  • Reuse & Recycle

    We know you probably have your eye on some nice, new furniture lines, and that’s great. But have you ever considered furniture reconfigurations? This creative reuse of furniture can help you create a brand-new look and feel at a much more affordable price tag.


    This is exactly where that blended approach that Ethosource can provide really comes in handy. Take advantage of products and furniture that you already have to you can create new layouts, update materials, or re-design your workspaces to offer all new functionality. With hundreds of fabrics, finishes, trim and more right in our warehouses, this approach saves you almost entirely from having to order anything from outside vendors at all.

Delays are costly for any business, but when you prioritize the affordable innovation of blended furniture or reconfigurations, you can maximize your investment and save yourself from costly delays. If you’re interested in taking the next steps to creatively furnish your office space, contact us to discuss your vision today.