Using Your Workspace to Build Your Brand & Why It Matters

Using Your Workspace to Build Your Brand & Why It Matters.

Behind all the clever marketing of a successful brand are the values the employees believe in and the clients can trust. But what really separates a great brand from an average one is what goes on behind the scenes. Functionality shouldn’t be the only goal of your office — it’s where your employees spend every day supporting your business philosophy, so it should be the one place that embodies them the most.  

Why Does Workplace Branding Matter? 

Every company builds their team in the hopes that each member will live and breathe its core values. And that starts inside the office. More than ever, people are aware of the design and aesthetics of where they spend their workday — or wish they did. 

Incorporating branding into your office design not only reinforces your company culture, but also has a big impact on anyone who spends time there. Whether your own employees or visiting clients, as soon as they step foot into your space, they should feel part of your brand. This constant reminder shouldn’t be embracive, but inspiring, because when employees feel comfortable, they’re more motivated to work hard. Plus, a good-looking workplace is somewhere great employees want to work and makes it easier to build that positive buzz around your company.

So how can you use your workplace to build your brand? Here are some tips: 

Tell Your Story Loud & Clear
Storytelling is now one of the most important ways for customers to connect with a brand. People today – especially younger demographics – don’t just want prices and sales pitches, they want to know who you are and if your products or services are making a positive impact. Storytelling is actually proven to stimulate brain activity, so it’s beneficial for your employees too. Try adding thoughtful, carefully-chosen quotes throughout the office in regards to values like client experiences, community involvement, green initiatives, or company growth. 

It’s hard to miss your philosophy when it’s literally written on the wall, but images are a great way to tell a story too. Capture a candid photo of your team hard at work or going the extra mile for a client, or snap a picture of a proud moment volunteering for a local charity or making a client’s day. Powerful imagery can help you build trust and remind employees why the hard work is worth it.   

Give Your Furniture Some Flare
You no longer have to sacrifice comfort or functionality to make a statement with your furniture choices. The best brands for workstations, seating, and accessories all make customization a standard, so you can use that ergonomic office chair a working symbol of your brand too — productive and healthy — simply by opting for your logo’s bright green fabric color. If you’re going for a more innovative or forward-thinking attitude, choose modern design elements like study pods, connective lounge areas, or benching workstations with glass panels; reversely, using darker woods can help you achieve a more traditional or sophisticated feel. 

Put Your Layout To Work

Since your layout is so important to employee productivity, it naturally conveys your business culture too. If your team works best in an open office with multiple collaborative spaces, then you’re letting visitors know this is a place of creativity and teamwork. If there are more private working spaces and closed doors, it shows a more segregated workstyle. For law firms or financial companies, that could be exactly the type of privacy your clients expect, but if you’re a media or digital marketing company, it may send the wrong message. 

The good news is your workplace customization options are endless, so blending the layouts necessary for both the creatives and introverts on your team in one space is easy. See what we mean

Consider Colors Carefully

This seems like a no brainer – if your company logo is green and orange, then your office should incorporate these colors too. Even if a whole new paint job isn’t in the budget, find small ways to incorporate these colors throughout your space with accessories. Artwork, mobile boards, mouse pads, desk organizers, etc. are a budget-friendly way to reflect your brand and let your personality show. 

Even lighting, while it seems like such a small detail, can have a big influence on the mood of the entire office. In some cases natural lighting may be the way to go, but colorful lighting accenting unique decor or incorporated into floors or walls can be the perfect subtle way to make your office pop with your brand.

Being trendy isn’t as cool as staying true to your brand. No matter what story your company has to tell, it’s time to make your workplace do the talking. Contact our office furniture experts today to learn more about your options.