5 Reasons You Should Probably Just Marry Your Office Chair

5 Reasons You Should Probably Just Marry Your Office Chair


There aren’t many things you spend more time with than your office chair. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. And for the most part, it’s a mutual, caring relationship.
No arguments, no crazy mother-in-laws, no stress.
So why deal with all of that human drama?
Just marry your chair.


It’s Beautiful

By no means the most important reason, but often the one we notice first, is physical attractiveness. Whether it’s a classic silhouette built for tradition, or a modern take with thin lines and soft curves, the simple shape of a chair is a timeless, elegant design. In addition, the freedom that comes along with being able to customize almost any seat or back fabric allows you to dress it to your liking. A chair is a beautifully simple thing – especially when you’re able to choose what it wears.



It’s Flexible

In life, things happen. Not always good things, and you need a partner that is flexible enough to adapt to changes in your collective situation. Compared to a human, who might not be as willing to adjust, your chair has all kinds of fun gizmos to bend, flex, or twist to your physical or emotional needs.




It Always Has Your Back

“Faithful” and “supportive” are the two most important traits that people look for in a partner (according to a survey I just made up). And what is more faithful and supportive than something that is literally holding your back for the better part of your adult life?  


It Forms to All Your Curves

It takes a while to get comfortable with someone. Sometimes people just don’t fit together. With your chair, you don’t have to worry about that. With its plush foam seat and breathable, limber back mesh, your office chair forms to all of your curves and fills in all the proverbial holes that a human partner couldn’t. 



It Gives Unconditional Support

It’s always nice to have someone there to support you when things get tough. And that’s just what your office chair does, day in and day out. Its sturdy, trustworthy base is there to hold you up no matter how low or high you’re sitting that day.




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