How Color Impacts Your Office

If an office make over is on your to do list for 2017, you’re probably thinking about how to come up with a new color scheme. The important thing to keep in mind is the type of work employees perform in this workspace, and how much time they spend in the space.

Some employers want to inspire creativity using color, some want to focus on productivity, and some want to produce a sense of well-being in their office space. Whichever environment you’re trying to create, consider a color scheme that speaks to it. Blue has always been recognized as calming and tranquil, but other low-wavelength colors such as a restful green can also promote a soothing environment.  High-wavelength colors such as red and orange inspire urgency, and passion. Increase employees’ heart rate and blood flow as they walk through the door each morning by using red in the office. Yellow has gotten a bad rap in the past, due to overuse, but it also has been viewed as the color of optimism. Believed to inspire innovation, yellow is energetic and fresh – great for creative professionals. Just be sure to stick to accent walls or décor when using a bright yellow.

Alina Dizik, author of article “How to Transform Your Office Workspace with Color,” says the most important rule to keep in mind is to beware of creating too much contrast between your wall color and your décor or furniture colors. “Too much contrast creates eyestrain,” she says. For example, a black and lilac palette can be jarring and cause visual fatigue. Instead, pair lilac with beige or wood grain.”

Check out Entrepreneur’s infographic for more:

How the Color of Your Office Impacts Productivity (Infographic)


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