Refurbished Office Cubicles Help NYC Firm Save Big

New York City is home to some of the largest companies in the entire world, 46 of which are Fortune 500 companies. EthoSource has outfitted a number of these large companies with used and refurbished office furniture. By opting to use pre-owned or refurbished office furniture EthoSource is able to help businesses of any size save significantly on their office furniture purchases. One insurance giant in NYC recently experienced these savings.

EthoSource provided this nationwide insurance provider with over 150 refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles and storage options for their NYC headquarters. The refurbished cubicles were designed in multiple configurations, specific to the needs of each department. The office cubicles have a very clean look, using light colored fabrics and work surfaces. From a functionality standpoint, all of the cubicles were installed with overhead flipper storage, undersurface storage, dry erase boards, rail tiles for paper management and more. Some of the office cubicles included extra five drawer laterals and storage closets.

When the project was completed, the firm was extremely satisfied with their new workspace. The refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles helped them save a significant amount on their office furniture purchase, while receiving a product that only they will know is refurbished.

EthoSource has now completed several more office furniture projects for this firm at their many locations across the US. EthoSource was able to provide a uniform look at each location, to remain consistent with the brand’s image.