EthoSource Donates to City Library Renovation

RPL 4The Reading Public Library has spent the last 18 months renovating its century-old building to restore it’s beauty and bring it up to date in terms of technology and resources.  The $580,000 renovation included new carpeting, paint and plaster, cleaning and roof repair. EthoSource happily helped alleviate any additional costs by donating all new furniture throughout the library.  In support of its impact on the community, EthoSource provided the Reading Public Library with a variety of necessary new furniture items including computer stations, tables, chairs, and the main reference desk.

The library is an indespensible part of the community that has been valuable to many people over the years.  The 100 year old building required various improvements to restore the structure to its old splendor, but its need for quality furniture to comply with all the resources the library has to offer was right up EthoSource’s alley.  As a company who has a strong philosophy of giving back to the community, EthoSource was very happy to help the Reading Public Library with its beautiful and successful renovation. For pictures, check out the before and after gallery below.


RPL 19
9 6 4th st 050