What Are You Thankful For In Your Workplace?

This Thanksgiving, choose to think about what you are thankful for not only in your personal life – in your workplace too! Stop and think about the great things you get to enjoy e_happy-thanksgiving-card_23-2147498634each day at your job… or simply be grateful to have a job 🙂

Here are a few things everyone can be thankful for in the workplace (including us at EthoSource!):

  • Problems

We can all be thankful for the problems that create our job, and that make us great at our job. If the problems we face at work didn’t exist, maybe our position would not exist either. These problems make us great at our job because we’ll find a way to overcome them, and as a result we get better over time at overcoming/solving those problems. Which makes each of us awesome at what we do!

  • Colleagues

Our colleagues help us through each day. In most work environments, we’re constantly collaborating, bouncing around ideas, asking for help, and learning new things together with our coworkers. Even if we’re just going to lunch with a coworker to get our mind off a tough project – we help each other out. Be grateful for these friends!

  • Competitors

Without obstacles to overcome, our companies might not be as successful. If competitors in our industry didn’t exist, our company may still exist – but it may not be as good as it is now with them to compete against. We learn new things from our competitors, get ideas from them, and we can learn from their mistakes.

  • Opportunities

If our job offers us new opportunities to learn, to grow, to discover a new interest, to attend an event/conference/tradeshow we’ve never attended before, etc – we can be thankful for that. Every new opportunity helps us grow as a person and as a professional. These new experiences help shape our lives, and prepare us for (or lead us to) more opportunities in the future.

  • Steady Income

Last (but not least) benefits and paychecks have a place on this list! Of course, we can be thankful for the work Accounting and HR departments do for us. Everyone counts on their paycheck, and it is good to remember to be grateful we do have a job.


Here are some things we are thankful for at EthoSource (as well as those listed above!):

  • Furniture

This one is biased, but we must say we’re grateful for furniture! We’re grateful when we receive pre-owned furniture that we can refurbish, and we’re grateful for our brand-new furniture that is trendy, ergonomically friendly, and customizable to fit any of our projects. Plus, we are very thankful for our awesome break room furniture. We recently refurnished it, and we’re loving the comfy lounge furniture, as well as our Basecamp conference table – completed with our comfy Apex Executive chairs! It is great to have a place to conduct meetings, take breaks, and eat lunch.

  • Teamwork

Our projects are centered around teamwork, so we are very thankful for our awesome team members and the effort they each put into their work. Every project we do reaches so many of our team members that it wouldn’t be possible to accomplish what we do without them all.

  • Business Casual

Our office dress code is business casual, and I know we are all thankful for that! Business casual has become the new norm in the workplace and is preferred by many.

  • The Office Keurig & Water Cooler

I know many of us here are very thankful for these! Most of us love our coffee, and a lot of us are good at staying hydrated through out the work day.

  • Holidays

We’re thankful we get to spend holidays with our loved ones! We appreciate that we can take some time for what truly matters to each of us.


A few important & fun things that we are thankful for at work! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!