The Key to An Office Redesign

National Office Furniture has released a White Paper to highlight the ingredients to a flexibleWhite Paper and agreeable office space for employees. National is a unit of Kimball International, Inc., and the White Paper they released outlines their own office transformation by evaluating their decisions based on how well they focused on employee well-being, productivity, and satisfaction. during their redesign. By partnering up with Gensler – a global research-based design firm – National Office Furniture conducted surveys to gauge how employees felt about their current work space & what they hoped would be modified in their office upgrade.

These surveys measured employee satisfaction with 5 different factors:

  1. Employee perception of the company & workplace
  2. Work activities and where they typically occur
  3. Functionality and effectiveness of current spaces
  4. Brand values and brand perception of the workplace
  5. Effectiveness of employee communication and change management during the transition to the new workplace

This is an awesome tactic to use when figuring out how to go about remodeling your office. What stands out most to us, is the closing of the White Paper, saying “National’s new Headquarters will continue to evolve over time. The company recognizes that today’s workspace must be adaptable.” as well as, “Aligning people and place through purpose and experience are strong factors in National’s continued success and support of their employees and customers.

MMQBWe believe the key to an office redesign is to keep in mind the culture of your company and the nature of your employees – how they work, what type of work they do – when considering your office plan. They also make a great point when they mention that their office will “continue to evolve over time.” The office industry is forever evolving and so are the average worker’s habits. We’re always evolving! No single office space is going to be perfect for every kind of worker.

Source: Monday Morning Quarterback. For more information, read the National Office Furniture White Paper.