Rethink Pre-Owned

Crazy EddieSo you have your doubts about buying pre-owned furniture.   It’s somewhat understandable after all this time where Crazy Eddie’s Used Car Lot commercials got you thinking that your pre-owned purchase will not only be a less than perfect product, but will leave you questioning your sanity as well.  Well we can’t speak for everyone, but fortunately, the comparison is nothing remotely similar when it comes to the pre-owned office furniture available at EthoSource.

There is a lot to consider when looking into purchasing office furniture, but there are tremendous benefits to buying pre-owned, many of which get overlooked thanks to stereotypes like Crazy Eddie.  Think instead that you’re shopping for that pre-owned Mercedes, the one that will make everyone you drive by jealous because after the dealer filled it with all new leather and cleaned it up inside and out, no one can tell it’s even used.

The benefits of pre-owned office furniture are significant over buying new when for your office.  If you’re looking to create a totally new office environment or just looking for an upgrade, here are some things to consider about buying pre-owned vs. new.

Quality of Refurbished

Pre-owned office furniture can be made to look like new with proper refurbishing.  This can entail all new fabrics on tiles or cushions, new arm pads on chairs, and complete cleaning and inspection of all parts.  This process simply means a beautiful-looking and functional piece of office furniture without any additional work for you.  All you and your office will see is a like-new product!

Option to Customize

The other great thing about refurbished furniture is your ability to get the look and feel you want out of the product you need.  All new fabric and touch up means you can pick the exact fabric colors and textures to create the perfect image for your business.

Cheap, Without the Reputation

On average, pre-owned office furniture can be up to 50% cheaper than buying new, but you also don’t have to sacrifice quality for a great deal.  Some of the biggest names in office furniture may be out of your budget, so buying them pre-owned may be just the ticket for your company.  Everyone recognizes a quality Herman Miller cubicle, but no one will know you paid half the price for it, so why not!

Be Green!

There’s more and more ways to do it nowadays, but what better way to go green and achieve your LEED certification than by purchasing recycled office furniture!  Sustainable office furniture uses little to no raw materials,  a fraction of the energy, and significantly less labor than new.  Help the environment and help your business’ reputation with pre-owned furniture.