EthoSource Dealer Program is Officially Launched

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 1.38.18 PMThe trends in office furniture are continuously changing, and so businesses are in constant efforts to keep up.  As technology plays an increasingly imperative role in the way we work, it has also been changing the look of the modern workplace.  Each company’s unique way of communicating is also affected, and in turn, influencing their workplace design.

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But despite the inevitability of change, the economic climate isn’t always supportive of a company’s need to make large reforms.

At EthoSource, we understand the factors that affect a company’s facility management decisions, which is why we proudly announce the launch of our new and improved Dealer Program to aid dealers in providing their customers with quality furniture solutions that keep up with the rapidly changing workplace.

In an uncertain economy, businesses should not have to sacrifice the quality of office furniture to create an affordable office environment.   But gathering and understanding all the options and benefits of pre-owned and refurbished office furniture solutions often presents a time-consuming challenge to both the dealers and customers.  Our Dealer Program aims to eliminate the anticipated hassle and lead-time of the past with a straightforward presentation of all the tools and information of our products and services.

EthoSource’s Dealer Program builds on an already successful and expanding national presence throughout the dealer community.  “We are experiencing tremendous growth nationally with our dealer partners,” says John Gallen, president and owner of EthoSource, LLC.  “This new program simplifies the process of specifying our cost-effective sustainable line of workstations.”

Our program allows dealer partners to present clients with premium office furniture solutions by directly conveying these specifications through our comprehensive Dealer Guide.  This process makes it easy to explore the numerous possibilities that pre-owned and refurbished office furniture provide.

This newly published guide offers a complete overview of EthoSource and our capabilities, as well as a clear explanation of the most effective way to work with us. To simplify the process for the Dealer Reps, it further states easy to understand definitions and descriptions of product levels, outlines all of our services, including our Refurbished Chair Program, and presents various fabrics, finishes, and workstation typical layouts, which now feature newly reduced dealer pricing!

“Our new dealer program and guide provides our dealer partners with the ability to quickly and effectively communicate the tremendous benefits and savings that are available with our pre-owned and refurbished workstations,” explains Bryon Kauffman, VP of Sales at EthoSource.  Unlike the many others in the pre-owned furniture world, EthoSource also continues to be self-represented by their internal Sales Team which provides further economical advantages to dealer partners.

As the modern workplace continues to adapt to the altering needs of businesses and employees, it’s a big advantage to know all the possibilities for an office furniture solution that suits your specific needs and budget. EthoSource is very excited about the benefits and opportunities our new Dealer Program will provide both dealers and customers in the industry of pre-owned and refurbished office furniture.  For more information on our Dealer Program, email or call 610-286-1766.