On the 2nd Day of Office Tips…

So now that you’re considering pre-owned office furniture (reference office tip from Day 1), you should start to figure out what you need.  Of course, we can help you with that, but an even better way to get the ball rolling is to look at your own employees for inspiration.  Hence, our next tip.  On the 2nd day of office tips, EthoSource said to me…. know how your employees work!

2nd Day of Christmas

So what exactly does this have to do with your office furniture purchase?  Well, actually… everything.  With all the ergonomic features, adjustments, sizes, layouts, etc. being tossed around as options these days, it’s a little hard to grab your bearings and figure out exactly what your office needs.  So we recommend the best place to start is taking a look at your own employees.  After all, they’re the ones who will be using the furniture, and of course, you want them as productive as possible.

Understanding how your employees work on a daily basis can help you decipher what tools, accessories an products can make them the most effective at their job.  Take some time to observe and get to know how each employee in various departments works best. Sally in Design most likely has a very different style than Steve in Accounting.  Take notice to how they use their workspaces and whether or not they prefer certain degrees of privacy, collaboration, etc.

You may be thinking, well why don’t I just ask them?  Good idea!  But a lot of workers don’t exactly know the options for creating a workspace that meets their needs.  Privacy panel?  P-top?  What are those?  If you can get a better sense of what your employees need, then you can help provide them with the right work area to get do their jobs to the best of their abilities.  Then, you can talk to us, and our team of designers will come up with a unique layout and design that works for each employee in your office!

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