How Color is Affecting Your Workplace

Increasing Morale and Productivity in The Workplace

Our world is an ever-changing place. Here at Ethosource we recognize and embrace this change by implementing new technologies, design concepts, and progressivity to our workplace and yours. We creatively use a blend of our quality product solutions and turnkey services, so that our experienced staff have the capabilities to meet the goal of providing businesses with a better way to create their perfect office environment. This three-part blog series will explore the changes and tactics that can be utilized in any workplace environment to boost morale and productivity in the office. Let’s start with color.


How Color is Affecting Your Workplace

What is color? Much to the chagrin of my grade school art teacher, I pondered this question for a second and realized I was struggling to actually produce a solid answer… this is why Google was created, right? Well, long story short, color is light traveling in different wavelengths from the Sun and reflecting off objects all around us. The color we see is the light reflected back to our eyes. These very colors play major roles in our lives. We make many buying decisions based off of color, such as: what phone, car, clothing, and most importantly, office furniture to purchase. But did you know that specific colors have powerful psychological and behavioral impacts?

The psychology of color pertains to the mental and emotional effects color has on us in our daily lives. So, which colors should you incorporate into your workplace environment to boost morale, increase comfort, and enhance productivity?


  • Red- Red is known to emit sensations of strength, power, and determination. This furniture color will add excitement to any office space and be sure to increase production and work ethic.


  • Green- Studies show that green creates a peaceful, fresh, and calm environment. Green has a restful connotation and, believe it or not, our eyes focus green directly to the retina which puts less strain on our already screen-tired eyes and minds.


  • Blue- Blue is perfect for high traffic rooms where employees will spend large periods of time. Blue has a calming effect on the mind and can even decrease respiration and blood pressure.


  • Yellow- Yellow is most commonly associated with happiness, energy, and having the ability to stimulate mental activity. An all-around dual-threat, yellow can help with morale and productivity simultaneously!


  • Orange- Last but not least, orange. This color is most commonly associated with joy and sunshine. Orange will be sure to brighten up any workplace and in turn, will boost enthusiasm, creativity, and fascination.


Let’s face it, no two businesses are alike and each is unique in its own way. Through the use of fabrics and finishesdifferent colors can be incorporated into your workplace to add to that uniqueness and enhance the morale and productivity of your office.