Affects and Benefits of Staying Organized

Affects and Benefits of Staying Organized


The third and final part of our “Increasing Morale and Productivity in The Workplace” series will examine the affects and benefits of keeping your workplace and personal work area organized and efficient.


Generally speaking, there exists a stereotype in our culture that people who are organized and presentable have a better chance of appearing to have their life together more than others who are disorganized and sloppy. Although this is not a guarantee, there are many health benefits involved in staying organized that can improve the quality of your work, relationships, and overall life. I think I can speak for many when I say I don’t like cleaning… at all. I think I could compile a list of just about anything else I’d rather do. For me, it’s one of those tasks that’s gets done only when absolutely necessary. Have company coming over? Time to fold that pile of laundry that’s been accumulating like snow in your corner and vacuum that carpet you haven’t in weeks. Client coming in for a meeting? Seems like an opportune time to trash all those sticky notes you haven’t read in months and maybe, throw all your pens in that holder that collects more dust than writing utensils. But, what if I told you that staying organized all the time could greatly improve not only your work, but your entire office space as a whole. Let’s have a look at some of the perks of staying organized.



That 2:30 feeling. You’re getting drowsier by the minute and the only thing keeping you fully awake is the bright glow from the screen of your laptop. Instead of reaching for your third cup of coffee, try organizing and cleaning your desk. WebMD states that taking this time to organize your work area can help you work more energetically for the remainder of the day.


Eating Habits:

Sometimes instead of that third cup of coffee, many of us reach for the second best thing, something with tons of sugar. But, a study shows that being cleanly and organized can have an effect on putting down that candy bar and picking up a piece of fruit instead. Psychological Science found that people with an organized area were two times more likely to pick up a healthy snacking option than those with dirty desk areas.



Remember that pile of laundry I talked about earlier? Clutter and mess in your bedroom can be causing you stress that you may not even know is there. Getting rid of unnecessary items and organizing your bedroom has been reported to improve sleep habits. Even making your bed after waking up has been known to give many a better night’s rest.



Cortisol is the hormone present in all of us that produces and dictates the body’s stress levels. According to another study, individuals with messy homes and desks filled with unfinished projects were more depressed and fatigued than others who were organized and focused. This process of cleaning and having a fresh desk where we can successfully finish work will make us feel happier and more relaxed.


Health Benefits:

The fifth and final reason for staying organized could even save your life! An article from Reader’s Digest reported that people who kept their houses, yards, and workspaces clean had a 30% lower risk of a first-time heart attack or stroke compared to those who were unorganized.


So, even for someone who hates cleaning as much as me, I hope this article shed some light on the amazing benefits of taking a few minutes each day to stay organized at work and at home. Something as simple as organizing our papers or dusting our desk can have rewarding effects on our lives and quality of work.