Four Spaces Your Office Needs

MM reception area It is so important for employees to love where they work.  If they do, they’ll produce better work and happier moods all around.  Now that sounds like a fun place to be!  A sure way to accomplish this is to provide your employees with the environment they need to be successful.  But what does that mean?  We have four spaces your office needs to create a productive, happy workplace.  We all know office design is important, so here’s what your workplace may be missing.

1) Collaboration Studio

Your studio can serve a number of purposes.  It’s a place to think creatively, spread out your work and see the big picture, or even meet with others to brainstorm new ideas.  You don’t have to be an artist to have a studio, but simply a space to serve as a blank canvas for ideas and creative thinking is so helpful to any type of work style.  For this reason, keep the space as minimalist and open as possible.  Leave room for flexibility so it can be utilized in whatever way your employees need it to.   A couple chairs and a table or two will do the trick.

2) Retreat Room

This space is meant to serve as a little getaway from the distractions and noise of other areas in the office.  It gives employees the privacy and focus they may not have out in the main office area, whether it’s to concentrate on a certain deadline or participate in a little meditation to clear their heads, this room is so necessary to provide employees with some clarity in an otherwise hectic workday.  No matter what kind of layout your office has, this room helps you achieve a little extra privacy when you need it.

3) The Central Hub

Probably the coolest room in the office.  This space should be designed with all your employees in mind.  It should be the place people want to hang out in together.  Its design will allow employees to take breaks from their work to converse and mingle, while letting them blow off some steam.  Great pieces for this room are whiteboards or chalk boards, booths, lounge furniture, even a ping pong or fusbol table.  The more you can get employees to spend their down time together, the closer your company culture will become.  It’s a fun space, but it also promotes discussion and collaboration that can benefit the company!

4) The Office

Well, duh!  These spaces are all great to have, but the majority of your employees’ time is spent in the actual office.  Create an environment that functions properly for each unique employee and department to support their work needs.  It’s easier than ever to customize each and every desk and cubicle through the design process.  Work with a professional design team to incorporate the layout and accessories you need to have a productive and successful team, while reflecting your company culture and philosophy.  To learn more about this process, click here, or contact us!

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