Find A Healthier Desk

How can your desk be healthy for you? You’ve probably heard by now that sitting at your 9-5 desk job all day is “the new cancer”, and maybe you’re wondering what to do about it. Find a healthier desk! Height adjustable desks are the latest solution to a sedentary lifestyle, but they aren’t the only solution, and if you’re going to make the switch you’re going to have to figure out which solution works best for you. The first step is to decide how big of a change you’re ready to commit to. Take a look at your office space – do you have enough room for a whole new set up? Or are you looking to make smaller adjustments to your current work station? Do you have any interest in exercising WHILE you’re working?

After you decide on your level of commitment, explore your sit-to-stand options to find the right fit for you and your office space. Our high-end selection of office furniture and accessories feature ergonomic benefits that adjust to the user, reducing the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. EthoSource offers numerous products which are directly related to the health and wellness of those who utilize them, including many sit-to-stand options.

Check out this quick breakdown of our sit-to-stand product features to help you decide how to incorporate a healthier work space.

“Add Ons”: These options give you the flexibility to work at different heights throughout the day without changing your work space to do so.

Keyboard Tray

The Keyboard Tray KTMT03 features a height-adjustable mouse support tray for comfort. The mouse tray mounts easily to the left or right of the keyboard and includes height, tilt, and
swivel adjustments for
your preference.

Dual Screen Monitor Arms

The Double Extension Height Adjustable Dual Screen Monitor Arms allow for two screens to be mounted on extenders. The double extension permits easy mobility both
horizontally and vertically.

Single Screen Monitor Arm

The Single Extension Height Adjustable Single Screen Monitor Arms provide for a relatively stationary extender that can have its height adjusted. This arm has a 9″ extender, and 12″ pole. 

For more options, check out our ESI Edge Series Monitor Arm and our Keyboard Mechanisms KSM03 – Lift-n-Lock Sit-Stand.

Monitor Base

Symmetry Tide Height Adjustable Monitor Base

An Adjustable Height Monitor Base allows the user to transition from a seated position to standing up with locking height adjustment in an infinite number of height settings. Installation is simple and tool-less with just one clamp to tighten, otherwise the unit comes fully assembled. This option gives you the height you need to stand through out the day without changing your current work space too much.

Manual Movement: This kind of desk requires you to manually adjust the height of the desk when needed.

Humanscale float adjustable height desk

The Humanscale Float Adjustable Height Desk offers a unique counterbalance mechanism, enabling simple, one-hand height adjustment for ergonomic sit-stand usage, without an obstructive crossbeam, a cumbersome crank or electricity.  It virtually “floats” into position when its release is engaged, allowing for adjustment without force.

Electric Movement: While a desk with manual adjustment will move more quickly, a desk with electric adjustments can move more weight on your desktop and requires less effort to adjust it to the right height.

Check out our Basecamp Height Adjustable Table, with perfect height adjustments for all sizes of employees!


Lifespan Treadmill Desk

This TR1200-DT7 Treadmill Desk by Lifespan consists of a desk with an integrated control console and one of three treadmill options, enabling you to incorporate exercise into your everyday work routine to combat the harmful effects of sitting.  These treadmills are also extremely quiet to not disrupt your surrounding environment.