Top Ten Ways to Make the Most of 2018 at Work

New year, same office.  Although it may feel like things aren’t very different this year, its up to you to decide whether or not you want to make this year better than ever before.  Considering the fact that you spend 40 of your very precious weekly hours at work, let’s start there.

        1. Pack your Lunch

Ah, the dreaded morning question of, “what should I take for lunch today?” and the inevitable answer of, “well, I’ll just run out and grab something during my lunch break”.  It can be tempting to do just this, but alas, you will regret it! Not only does eating out cost more, but often times our first choices are pizza and cheeseburgers, rather than the salad we could have made ahead and packed for lunch.  If you insist on going out to lunch with friends, follow these rules to make sure you stay in line.

        2. Work Ahead

While procrastinating just comes so naturally to so many of us, its important to remember to stay on top of things.  Even if you “work best under pressure”, you may find that when you actually take the steps necessary to get things done early, you’ll be putting out work of such a high quality that you didn’t even know you were capable of.  Need help figuring out how to become this type of worker?  Check this out.

        3. Get Organized

I know you don’t want to hear it, but if you just follow this tip now, you’ll be thanking me later.  Before you start to groan and ignore this step, remember that workspace organization is vital in keeping your mind organized.  Although sometimes it can be tough to keep your workspace clean while you’re struggling to keep on top of all of the subtasks that make up your day, it can make all the difference in keeping you productive, which makes it a necessity.

        4. Get Inspired

Ever feel like you need something to get you out of your funk and back into the groove of things?  Well, we know just what that can be!  Jazz up your cubicle and change out your quote on your whiteboard each week with something new and uplifting.  This will not only help to keep you looking on the brighter side of life, but it will continue to keep your priorities and values on track.

        5. Catch up on the Trends

Lately I feel like everyone I know thinks they are behind on the newest technology, literature, and data for their field.  While this may seem like an obvious solution, it never hurts to spell it out for everyone: do some research and get comfortable with the things you don’t know.  Dedicate some time each week to learning more about the things you aren’t an expert in.  You’ll become a more productive and helpful employee in a matter of no time!

        6. Decorate your Space

This is the fun step.  Who doesn’t love to add a little personal flair to their desk?  While I remind you to stay organized, I encourage bringing in 3 new items, whether those be photos, fun paperweights, or a small plant, to help jazz up your desk.  Don’t go too crazy, but keeping a few items around that remind you of the things you love is never a bad idea.

        7. Do Something Special

The small things go a long way in keeping your morale and spirits up.  Make a cup of tea this morning, or snack on some chocolate-covered almonds around 2.  Set aside time to do things that make the day a little bit better.

        8. Celebrate all of your Wins

Land that new client you’ve been zoning in on for months?  Finished that report that took you two weeks to complete?  Find out that the kids are sleeping over at grandma’s house tonight?  Hey, no matter what the victory is, it should be celebrated.  Take the time to remind yourself that your achievements make a difference, and that they shouldn’t go by unnoticed.

        9. Get Comfortable

This step is something I think we all can agree on.  There’s nothing more distracting than feeling uncomfortable while you’re trying to get some work done.  Before you settle for an office chair that barely provides support, check out some of our new chairs, such as the Apex or Approach.  You’ll be grateful for the change when you cancel your appointment with the chiropractor!

        10. Shop at Ethosource

Hey, you didn’t expect us to just skip the most important step, did you?  Whether you need a brand new office design for your employees or a new filing cabinet for your home office, we’ve got you covered.  Check out the Ethostore to see some of our products, or contact us for more information.