The Five Things I’m Most Thankful For

In honor of the upcoming, and arguably best, holiday, Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to list some of the things that I’m most thankful for. Not like family, health, blah blah, etc. No, those will have their day. Today, we’re talking office things… obviously.

  1. Dual Monitor Arms – If any of you are still living in the single monitor era, you might as well be carving into cave walls with a rock. Besides the obvious benefit of looking like those tech wizards in movies with a million screens, it actually serves a lot of practical benefits. Being able to work on multiple screens increases work flow efficiency and the ability to swivel each monitor allows you to collaborate swiftly with your team.
  1. Replaceable Seat Covers – If you’re like me, you’ve come close once or twice to spilling coffee all over your seat (and pants). And by “come close,” I mean “done it,” and by “once or twice,” I mean “all the time.” It happens. But with replaceable seat covers, you no longer have to buy a whole new chair or hassle to get a new seat sewed on by the manufacturer. Just slip it off and order a new one. Change one chair from fabric to vinyl or change an entire office’s color scheme. It’s all easier with replaceable seat covers.
  1. Sit-to-Stand Desks – Are you still sitting idle at your desk all day? If you are, (hopefully, at least, in one of Ethosource’s exclusive, ergonomic office chairs) science says you’re working all wrong. Like all the science. Just by alternating between standing and sitting a couple times a day, you’ll be healthier, happy, and therefore more productive. Plus, we could all probably use a little movement after we get done shoveling piles of stuffing and turkey into our faces all break.
  1. USB Grommets – Small and nifty, these lifesavers can be placed all over the office (breakroom, lounge, meeting rooms, etc.) for convenient charging of all those devices we couldn’t work or live without. In fact, toss one in the bathroom while you’re at it. You never know.
  1. The People – Okay guys and gals, time to get sappy. All of these things, while helpful and super cool, are only The most important things in your office are the people you fill it with and the relationships you build with them. I’m thankful for everyone in my office who has helped me grow professionally and personally and hopefully you feel the same way about the people you work with. And if you don’t, well… at least you can have two monitors.

From everyone here at Ethosource, we hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love, laughs, and loaves.

Loaves of bread that is.

Like a lot of bread.