The 5 Coworkers Every Employee Needs

In the Ethosource Office, we have a personality to fit every need.  Whether you’re having a rough day and need to talk, or just need ideas for where to get the best (and cheapest) lunch nearby, this staff has you covered.  While your favorite coworker may be the one whose personality matches most closely with yours’, there is an inarguable list of the 5 coworkers who make every office great (or who could make your office great, if they worked in your office).

1. The Foodie

Nothing beats knowing you can go to the Foodie’s desk and find a snack that fits your craving, or getting their input on where to find a good slice of pizza.  While sometimes this means sacrificing your beloved ham and cheese sandwich to spend the cash you should be saving for the electric bill, its okay to reevaluate your priorities from time to time.  This is why when they say “I have an idea for lunch today,” you stop what you’re doing and listen.

2. The Mom

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When you feel frustrated with your latest project, have a to-do list taller than your adjustable-height desk, or just need someone to talk to, there’s no better person to go to than the Mom.  The Mom is always prepared to listen, offer helpful advice, and tell you what a great job you do (even if its noon and you’ve only read your emails today).  Feel free to embrace the Mom’s kindness and warmth, but remember – your real mom wants to hear about your week, too.

3. The Coach

Go get ‘em, tiger!  Whether you were a star athlete or a band geek in high school, the Coach will always treat you like their varsity player.  When you need some motivation or seek some tips to tackle your report, stop by the Coach’s desk.  Not only will they give you invaluable wisdom, but their dedication to the team will remind you why you love your job.

4. The Comedian

When you need a laugh, look around for the Comedian.  There’s a good chance that the Comedian will not be in their office. Typically, you’ll only find the Comedian cracking jokes at someone else’s desk. This will probably leave you wondering when they ever get any work done. However, when the Comedian reaches you after an exhausting night with your sick daughter, they will immediately know how to make you smile.  And for this, you are always grateful.

5. The Doctor

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It’s the time of year when everyone seems to get sick at once, and when you suddenly get the chills and feel a cold coming on, the Doctor is there to save the day.  While others might be able to offer a crushed-up aspirin from the bottom of their purse or an expired container of Tums, nothing beats going to the Doctor’s desk and finding an assortment of cough medicines, fever reducers, and stomach aids.  For this reason, the Doctor should never feel anything but total appreciation.