When it comes to cubicles, Ethosource has redefined expectations by providing a refurbished solution that combines all of the design, aesthetic and performance benefits of a new cubicle system with significant cost savings that result from a pre-owned starting point.

How do we do this?

  • We start with previously enjoyed Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles that are brought into our remanufacturing facility.
  • Starting with this building block we then modify, supplement and completely recondition the product to meet the specific needs of our customers.
  • New fabrics and finishes are applied to reflect the design and aesthetic goals of the client.

The Result…

A like new, custom designed office environment that reflects and promotes our client’s vision for their business in an economically affordable way.

  • Beautifully Designed

    • Choose from 90-, 120-, 135-degree planning options that stand alone or in combination with other solutions to accommodate various office landscapes.
    • From private spaces, collaborative benching, meeting areas, and more, our refurbished Ethospace offers sleek lines and simplistic beauty as a canvas to reflect your organization’s unique style.
  • Tailored for Technology

    • Unsightly wires and cables are hidden between frames and tiles, so you can hook up the power and data for all the tools you need without the clutter.
    • Tiles are easily removable to access wires and cables at anytime
    • Resizing your space is as simple as removing a frame,  reconnecting new frames, and snapping in your power and data, all without disrupting your network.
  • Highly Durable

    • A sturdy steel frame is the support system for interchangeable tiles, outlasting passing trends and withstanding the demands of any work environment.
    • With nearly 30 styles available, this durable, architectural structure remains constant while you refresh aesthetics and reconfigure stations all without tools.

Contact us about our refurbished Ethospace or any of our other products and services, and one of our furniture experts will be in touch with you shortly.