How to Recognize a Bad Company Culture

The longer you’ve been a working member of society, the more experiences you have with good company cultures and not so good company cultures.  It’s not fun to be part of an office that you don’t enjoy going to everyday, but your boss isn’t the only one to blame.  The good news a company culture is owned by the people, so you can help shape the office in which you want to work.  Here’s how to recognize if you’re stuck in a terrible culture, and a few ways how you can turn it around.


The Fun is Missing

There’s a time and a place for serious business, but even at your job there should be a good balance of fun and work.  The basis of fun in the workplace is people connecting to one another and those connections are the root of creativity and innovation.  If your office is prohibited from any type of fun having, then no one is benefiting.  Things that can foster these types of connections can be simple weekly games or contests, happy hours, special lunches, etc.  These things don’t even take away from work hours, but give people opportunities to bond and converse with one another about things other than work.

There’s No Interaction or Movement

Do you notice that you and your coworkers immediately head to your cubicles, work through the day, and then head home?  Without communication in the workplace, there’s little chance to bounce ideas off one another.  Spontaneous run-ins are great chances to spark thinking and sharing. The design of your workplace has a lot to do with encouraging or discouraging the interaction of coworkers.  You may not have the authority to redesign your company workplace, but if your office space can be used for gatherings or collaboration, then make sure you take advantage. Pull co-workers together for impromptu meetings or make yourself more visible throughout the day by reaching out to others to say hi or start a conversation. Your friendliness could be contagious!

They’re Stuck in the Past

Companies that have been around for a while often get stuck in their same old routines because they don’t see a need to fix something that isn’t broken.  It’s may seem easier to just stick with what you’ve always been doing, but even if something’s been working until now, it doesn’t mean it can last forever.  Technology and business is rapidly changing and you have to adapt to keep up.  Modern methods of conducting business have been invented as a means of making things easier from the methods of the past, so the struggle of the initial transition will all pay off eventually.  If you’re stuck in the stone age, then maybe it’s time to look into some new solutions.

Innovation isn’t Appreciated

If your company doesn’t recognize or encourage the creativity and inventiveness of its employees then its a dead end.  Too many companies preach about the way they value innovation, but really prefer their employees to keep to a predetermined structure and schedule.  The ideals promoted externally should be the same as those internally.  Unfortunately, if this isn’t the case at your workplace, then it may just mean it’s time for you to go find somewhere that they are.

There’s a Lack of  Distinction

When you enter an office environment, you should get the feel of a company who’s image makes an obvious statement from the moment you step in the door.   Without the passion and energy that sets the company apart from others, then there isn’t much reason to feel engaged or excited about where you work.  If your company is proud of what they do and the members of their team, they’ll want others to know.  And if an office isn’t recognizable for who they are or what they represent, then it’s probably not the most enjoyable place to work either.