How to Ensure an Efficient Office Relocation

So you decided to relocate/redesign your office. Ethosource’s professional design team has helped you pick out your new furniture, your color scheme, and designed your office layout. Now what? Here are 4 things to think about before your installation begins:

  1. Schedule. Our project managers will work with you to create a schedule that works for you and your staff. You’ll need to designate the installation day(s), which day your employees need to clear the space before the installation begins, and your actual move in day.services1-425x283
  1. Coordinate. Typically, you would need to assign roles among your staff to figure out among yourselves who will handle what, when, and how. With Ethosource, our project management & move management team will figure that out for you. Your PM will be your main point of contact throughout your move – they’ll work with building management, general contractors, electricians, etc. to ensure your schedule is being followed & things are running smoothly.
  1. Decommission. Offices that have been around for a long time can accumulate a surprising amount of stuff, such as old furniture that you may not want to move into your new space. If you have a large amount of old office furniture, you can either liquidate it with Ethosource, or you can choose to store it with Ethosource. We have the resources to provide you with a smart and trusted storage solution for your cubicles, tables, desk sets, chairs, filing cabinets, accessories, reception areas, marker boards, and much more.
  1. Plan for productivity. During the move/installation, your employees may feel in limbo because they are transitioning out of the old space, but can’t quite move into the new space yet. Be sure to designate ahead of time where you want your employees to continue working for the time being. Whether you ask your employees to work remotely, visit clients on-site, or take time out of the office for training, you should plan it out and let them know in advance.