Don’t Just Sit There!

Thinking about quitting sitting? Sit to stand has become a huge phenomenon in the workplace but many people still don’t understand exactly why. A lot of it has to do with blood flow. Leg disorders, varicose veins, heart disease, diabetes, and foggy/slow brain function are just a few problems that can occur after sitting 8 hours+ every day. Here’s why:


The negative effects don’t only involve your blood though. According to, “Studies show that more time sitting at work is correlated with less time being active at home. Mobility professionals like Kelly Starrett are quick to point out that your backside is simply not made for sitting on – and that doing so results in myofascial adhesion, tissue shortening, and muscle damage.”

Osteoporosis, back problems; including inflexible spine and disk damage, muscle degeneration, and colon, breast and endometrial cancers are a few other problems one may experience as a result of sitting too much. How? Simply the lack of activity. Our bodies were made to move! Every muscle, bone, tissue, artery, organ, etc., is negatively affected when we don’t get enough activity throughout the day. Therefore, treadmill desks are an even better option!

You can be part of the change by providing your employees with sit-stand desks and setting an example by participating in sit to stand yourself. When everyone is sitting around you, it is harder to break yourself of the habit. It becomes easier to accept the change when your bosses and coworkers are standing too. Take care of your health (yours and your employees’), and check out our sit to stand desks: