Change the Way You Work with Ergonomic Office Tools

When you think about improving your office ergonomics, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  The adjustments on your office chair? A desk with a treadmill or adjustable heights? While those are definitely great ways to stay comfortable and mobile throughout the workday, you may be neglecting how little things like the shape of your keyboard or the position of your mouse play a role in your health too. Any equipment or furniture that you use regularly as part of your daily routine can have an impact on your well being, simply because of repetition.

With that being said, there’s a good chance that while you’re busy typing away at your computer, you probably aren’t thinking about something like whether or not your mouse design fits your hand properly.  Luckily, ergonomic office tools to help alleviate these issues do in fact exist, as well as helpful infographics showing you the best ways to position yourself and your equipment like the one below! Check out how you can change the way you work with ergonomic office tools:

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Ergonomic Tools that Change the Way you Work

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